Awesome Dry Field Duck Hunting & Dive Bomb Canada Exclusive Warehouse Tour!!

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Dive Bomb Canada is something we have wanted to do for a very long time, but we had to make sure it was done right with the proper pieces in place. Ben Commodore has done an excellent job running the operation and taking care of our customers north of the border. The growth in just a short amount of time has been mind blowing and we are so excited for the future and the opportunity to continue building relationships with our Canadian customers that goes far beyond the field! Check out this video for some awesome dry field duck action and an exclusive behind the scenes warehouse tour of Dive Bomb Canada!


► Knocked Out by a Falling Goose! (Must See)
► We Shot 4 Bands in 1 Volley! (Michigan Goose Hunting)
► Crushing 65 Honkers in Middle of the Field in an A-Frame over the NEW Fully Flocked Silos…
► 100 Teal in an Hour on Opening Day (Incredible Texas Duck Hunting)…
► Big Minnesota Honkers in Silage Field with VERY Tough Hide!!…
► Unforgettable First Goose Hunt in Standing Corn…
► First Bird of the Year was BANDED! 2021 NoDak Early Goose Hunting…
► All Green Limit Solo Duck Hunt on Public Land…
► RARE Emperor goose hunt gone WRONG!!…
► Insane Alaska Brant Hunting (Tarsal Bands)…
► EPIC Oklahoma Duck Hunt Over Small Pond (13 Limits)


Chasseur du Nord . صياد من عكار شمال لبنان Lebanon says:

Hello nice videos

allan dam says:

is this Duck hunt happen in Alberta? May i know what kind of crop is thid field? i have Dive bome duck socks and duck silhouettes mix with Canada Geese silhouette but they don't seem to interested.

Ryan Johns says:

Great video boys!

Jordan G says:

What A-frame brand do you guys typically run?

Turbo Outdoors says:

insane video! Love to see the chaos in the blind while your trying to vlog😂

William Glavin says:

that many ducks, shot wat too many hens

Eric Weber says:

Legit! Happy for the Divebomb company growth in Canada!

Trevor Louque says:

If you had to pick only one call to keep on your lanyard for every situation…what would it be?

Shareem Ibitsfala says:

Claudio Ongaro?! That dude is the man

Daniel Silva says:

Fantastic 🎥 video keep it up Boy's !!!! P.s. dive bomb decoys " Simply the BEST"… THX GUY'S…..

jon ulrich says:

when you pick up some decoys and get into a youtube video. Thanks, boys for the great time it was awesome meeting you all. 18:19

Al Auclair says:

Welcome to Canada 🇨🇦 boys!!!!

anthony wootan says:

Awesome warehouse tour!!!


What calls u guys use

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