A Moose Hunt of A Lifetime: 2 Bulls Down

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A moment one waits a lifetime for.


Jason Kaye says:

Brandon you are an AMAZING story teller I truly love your videos and wish I could spend one more day In the woods with my father but I do know he is with me. Thank you again for another wonderful video

bobby green says:

Congratulations on the harvest

weekender38 says:

CONGRATS all around. What an AWESOME episode in the BSH files!!!

Joel Mcmahan says:

Good things come to those who put in the work. One day the video of hunting with grandpa, dad and mom will be priceless to the little man. Even got grandma helping with the skinning. Congratulations to everyone in this hunt of a lifetime. 👍🇨🇦🎥🏆🥇🏆🥇

Malcolm Payne says:

That's what it's all about!!! It doesn't really matter if it's a successful hunt or not, but it's the experience of the outdoors with loved ones, and making those unforgettable memories.


Shit now we got 2 big bull bucks to haul home Dad. Just think when we have 3 of them. and maybe moms also. You people are blessed.

Jeff Sangwin says:

Thanks for sharing Brandon! Many times in life a memory is more than enough!

Outdoor Boys says:

Nice job happy for all 4 of you.

R. Tom Swezey says:

What can I say.. Great job !!

Cheryl Grimins says:

What a fabulous video. Really appreciate your sharing your family time with us. You have wonderful memories and so will your son. Thank you very much

Bill Weihl says:

That little fella has a lot to absorb these days being gifted enough to hunt with his parents but also his grandpa and even tho he's too young to appreciate the true meaning of all of this, these videos will show him later in life how blessed of a young man he is. These deer camp memories only come once a year so absorb all that you can cause we all only have a certain number of them to enjoy. Thanks for the share and the videos and the music was truly well thought out. Congrats men.

Kaz Bleasdale says:

Congrats to you both, a truly memorable hunt for you both.

Anthony Banks says:

Awesome hunt

Roy says:

Awesome Brandon, 2 nice bulls. Moose steaks all around…great video…thanks for sharing…cheers🍻👍🍻

The Wilderness Guy says:

That's awesome!!!

Tim WilcoxSr says:

Truly an amazing video !!! Really brought back so many memories of the past hunts with my late Dad. You are blessed to still have him !! Thanks Brandon and Stacy and thanks to your Dad too !!!

The old hunter 60 says:

You should be thankful just to get to hunt with your dad. My father passed away last year, he was 85. You can count the times we hunted together on one hand. Try as I did, just couldn't get him to go. I understand regrets perfectly. Cherish every moment with him.

daermon1000 says:

Awesome video with three generations present, way to go Brandon!

Trevor Secord says:

Three generations moose hunting together you can't beat that

Matt Mackenzie says:

That’s what memories are made of

Dustin Witt says:

I have never been on a moose hunt.

The CAMO Cowboy Outdoors says:

What a absolute great hunt and memories! That's what it's all about, my Friend. Really enjoyed the show. Take care

TimberLineNorth says:

Never got a moose with my dad either we were always alone.[ awesome video bud ]

Barry Kramer says:

Great video keep are loved ones alive in are minds is great but having it on video is a great way to show the younger generation. Keep the video's coming

gamehunter07 says:

Congratulations to both of you and to your amazing day!! And with your little one it makes it even better.

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