16 Scoreable Point Buck!! I MISSOURI-BOW-RIDE I Red Arrow I Full Episode

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Kip Campbell heads to Missouri for the first time in years, and tags out on a stud Cave State buck!!

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Jack Masters says:

That rutting buck isn’t feeling so pert😂😂. Great buck Kip!!! Keep em coming!!

Luke Crane's Outdoors says:

I agree the outlaw Josie Wales is the best movie of all time

BassnBuckBilly B says:

Kip would ya be interested coming to Tennessee an hunt?We’d love to have come hunt our place!

Skeeter Malcolm says:

Beautiful buck brother,lots of character man,just keep pumping out videos

deerslayer1171 says:

Outlaw Josie Wales is quite possibly the best Clint Eastwood movie…EVER!

Southern Bones Outdoors says:

Hey man yall come hunt with us little folks so somebody will watch out YouTube channel lol. Jk awesome buck congrats

Dwight Pickens says:

Choo choo his ticket 🎟 is nonrefundable

michael underwood says:

Huge deer man perfect shot

Florida Boy Outfitters says:

Hammer of a deer! Great episode!

Brock Gordley says:

Joe is a great guy and family friend. We have a farm less than a mile from one of his places! Great shot!

James W says:

You talk too much….

billstev100 says:

Nice……. 👍

Eric Couch says:

Love the show and I've watched every episode. I'm laughing during every one and let's go from Southwest Virgina!

Tim Gruver says:

Yes sir, awesome deer. After days of working hard ( people, it isn't easy to hunt day after day at all) to have a super nice buck show up and it played out perfectly. 👍👍. Viewers need to take note that YOU are the one gutting that buck. And I respect you for that and everything THAT encompasses. ( does the up-posts on that sight ever seem to distract you when using the 30 or 40 yard pin?) 👍👍🏹🦌🦌

Lyndon Hamby says:

Good show Kip 👍👊

Nathan Deane says:

Now I'm excited to go get back in a tree here in VA

Mark Anthony says:

What another epic show

timothy peacoe says:

Best haunting show on TV and YouTube Keep them coming

Bassmaster Garrison says:

Can someone tell me how this was published on October 20th, 2021🧐

Jones Boy's Hunting says:

Awesome deer man. That shot was a one way ticket to your freezer. Keep it up man.

Rich Duffield says:

One of the best parts of your videos is the Blackberry Smoke music.

Kirk Gordon says:

That’s what I’m talkin bout ! Nice shot on a sweet buck brother ! Congrats

Bryan Grant says:

Love the video and that movie as well, keep the videos coming good work.

Eddie Luers 3rd says:

At my signal, Unleash Hell! Kip is the man!

The Ezell's says:

30 miles from my house. Gotta love the big deer up here. Nice buck!!

daniel lemay says:


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