15 Yards From Bedded Buck! South Dakota Public Land

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Jon and Zach put the sneak on a nice buck and get within bow range!
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Todd LeMasters says:

Awesome video guys! Hunting takes patience. It would be called killing if you got one on every outing. Keep it up!

JD 87 says:

Some SD wind for ya!

Aaron Isaacs says:

Looking forward to the public land challenge…..any hints

CMEE Outdoors says:

This is real hunting, and that's why I love this channel.

Mike Adamo says:

Really good time is had by both you and me. Look forward to your video. Hope to see you in AZ some timel Been hunting here for over 45 years still lovin it.

Justin Keith says:

Y’all ever gonna kill anything this year

Tim Malile says:

Zac get a little first lite sponsorship going? Keep on getting after it dudes!

bromma1979 says:


Michael Hyatt says:

Have y’all tried Ghost Blinds for stalking?

robert hern says:

The Season of Sooo close!!! Have a feeling that #monsters are coming !!

Cody Ec says:

Where in South Dakota y’all hunting?

TEX Outdoors says:

Great hunt!!

Alan Call says:

Where's your Gillie suits Love the videos keep it coming

Will 2-B says:

Call the Game Warden, I just witnessed a whitetail buck choke a man….🤣🤣🤣

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