MASSIVE Buck at 30 YARDS!! North Dakota BOWHUNTING

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Lee takes a last minute trip up to North Dakota to hunt public and unposted private. A monster 8 pointer comes in to 30 yards on the second day of the trip.

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SEEK ONE says:

Stay tuned for the full release of the Spartan Forge app! It’s going to change the game for scouting fellas! Bill knocked it out of the park!

Jerrod Branham says:

Glad you finally experienced a real whitetail hunt

christopher treasure says:

So cool to be with you guys when I am in the UK.

JakeSeigg says:

Whoever edits these videos does a great job!

OG Outdoors says:

I think I was the 200,000 view. It was 199k when I clicked it went to 200k 😬

Robert Chacon says:

I love hunting the bad lands in north Dakota. Spent 3rd week of sept there. Great buck.

Aaron English says:

Thank you Bill for your service!

Chad MF Ford says:

Appreciate your service man🙏🏼🙏🏼

HUNTING & more says:

Clickbait ? Lol

Jack says:

Dont blaspheme the Holy Spirit it’s unforgivable.Don’t make idols Follow Gods commandments if this life is real why wouldn’t Heaven be God loves you🙏

NP here says:

You guys are an inspiration to hunters everywhere. It is absolutely amazing what you do. Love your content.

BKG Network says:

Spirit lake!

MrFlamingo 05 says:

What brand of hunting book bags and stuff do you guys use?

Scott Keats says:

Good video, can’t wait to see the new technology! Truly enjoyed watching y’all’s videos for several years now. I also do a lot of urban bow hunting. The big bucks are truly a challenge. People think just because they’re city deer they’re easier to hunt boy are they wrong. I deal with more trespassing every year than on the farms out in the country. Anyways keep doing God’s work and thanks.

tex dog says:

When I had a Jeep Wrangler I used body bags to put deer in the back with the seat out lol if there is a will there is a way

Will T says:

Oh man I wish I could be out bow hunting opening day for me last week and my bow broke first year bow hunting and I cant afford a new bow im so upset but great hunt love your videos bing watched them everyday love that you donate alot of the meat also

Matthew Millikan says:

Y’all aren’t showing up in my subscriptions. Had to search to find your channel. I watched this vid few days ago and wasn’t even in my watch history.

Austin Simerly says:

Im witting in a deer stand in tn as i watch this

Bigger Red says:

Are y’all remonetized yet?

Henry Weikum says:

It is legal to hunt unposted private property in north dakota but you have to ask permission to hunt if its unharvested

Scott Paulsen says:

Those souls surprisingly will shit and git

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