Duck Hunting 2021 Opening Day – Incredible Timber Hole

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Duck hunting season is finally back! To kick off our 2021 early season here in Virginia we headed to a timber hole we had found on public land that was absolutely loaded with food. We were anticipating that woodies and teal would just dump in there like that had been doing the week prior. While some did decoy well, we had quite a few birds flare off us badly resulting in us missing out on some opportunities. Even with the struggles we ended the morning with a mixed bag and some great memories. Hope you enjoy!

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Dirty Duckin Dogs says:

Ide say that's hunting. Don't think too much into it. But I would say yall trampling down their food pissed them off 🤣

E B says:

Should have pushed more west

TrashPandaFighter says:

If there's wood ducks definitely keep the spinner. For at least the first hour. Later on if it is sunny leave it out, cloudy put it up. I always throw a pair of geese out. There has never been a hunt when i didn't have at least a pair.

TrashPandaFighter says:

That water was clear. Layin down all that vegetation and murking up the water didn't do you all any favors. We've done that before and learned our lesson. Best to use a dog for retrieves if available. Have one guy that is closest to down birds to retrieve. Have one guy set out decoys while the others build blinds. A dozen decoys with a couple spinners would have been plenty if they were using it. Main thing is… did you have fun? Keep it up. I enjoy the vids.

Jakejlax11 Me good says:

What woodie call do you use?

Drblood67 says:

Woot woot! We'll be in the blind in 5 hours for duck opener!

Joshua Eck says:

I think knocking it down may have played a.part

NHSik50 says:

Hoke, what’s your IG?If you have one

Justin Bacilo says:

Were there any mallards sitting in there during the scout? If no, having a whole wad of mallard decoys could have done that. Couldn’t see your entire spread but it looked like you were using predominantly mallard decoys.

Michael Russell says:

A hole like that no mojo and six decoy and three of them on the jerk rig 👍🏻

Feather Spreader Inc says:

wheres a dog right about now

AwesomeSteve Awesome says:

Should have knocked it down a week ago. Let them get used to it.

WisconsinWaterfowl ! says:

I wouldn’t put a mojo and 2 decoys would be perfect

cshively520 says:

Just moved to the RVA area from PA and watch all your videos. Looking forward to getting out this fall/winter. Got any advice on public spots to check out? Thanks in advance.

AustinPNW22 says:

I think you should've hid better

Evan Whitten says:

I believe it played a pretty big role, especially considering there wasn’t significant weather. I think the decoy spread was also a little too big as well, but I’m still newer and I’m not gonna pretend to be an expert

Jeremy Ragsdale says:

Let’s goooooo🤘🏼

Adkins Outdoor Adventures says:

Too many decoys 👍🎯 you are right

Full Strap Outdoors says:

Great video!

BigAl336 says:

After years of mediocre hunting in NC finally going out west to MO for some quality hunts

Duckalope Outdoors says:

I think it could have effected it but on the other hand who knows. I say give it another shot and see what happens. Ether way a good hunt! Nice work Thomas 🤙🏼

Tyler Geisler says:

Should have left the mojo at home. I would have put less than half of dozen decoys

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