4 days catching rabbits on a estate with dogs and ferrets

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Some clips of the dogs and ferrets catching rabbits over 4 days clearing a estate.


yvonne mcbride says:

Never seen a ferret getting took for a run class 🤣🤣👌

yvonne mcbride says:

Cracking dogs mate🙂👌👍

Liam Mackesy says:

Can dogs catch diseases from hunting rabbiys

Gaga Sharma says:

Poor rabbits😔

robert mitchell says:

Thanks for posting. Great watch 👍

Nancy Victoria says:

Que lindo está ese video. Lo
Bueno q tiene q es largo pero entretiene y un hurones buenos perros y un q equipo precioso me gusto hagan otras más gracias por sus videos Dios los bendiga mediante Jesucristo Amen amén

Derk Tromp says:

rabbits vor the pot good work

Outdoor Brothers says:

Absolute mint dogs

Foxdropper free pest service says:

Quality mate

ALAN Cross says:

Must be two of the very best, if thats not rough i dont know what is, ill bet it was a relief to have a couple of runs on the field. The ferret now knows what its like to be a plough, expect was wondering what the hell was going on. Another brilliant video, many thanks for your efforts. Regards Alan.

Lee Preston says:

Great 4 days guys,dogs worked amazing but we couldn't do it without the ferrets! They are the key to a good day! The slow motion of the ferret on the rabbit shows how well they work and dont give up! Brilliant video👏👍

pellet and ferret pest control says:

What a video your dog's and ferrets were brilliant

DomingoDeSantaClara says:

Check out the Easter Bunny Hunt in New Zealand,your dogs would have a blast over there,I think they get around ten thousand over a weekend,but that's just shooting them.

J P says:

Tip top boys. Love me ferreting open holes. Need to get some new perm for next season now. I'm in South Wales An we gotta travel Alot to get good days. I've had a great day if we come back with 7 or 8 😉👍🏼

J P says:

Those treeeeesss 😩
Plenty of rabbits. Great sport 👌🏼

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