Uncle Si Goes Teal Hunting Down South | Part 1| Venice Louisiana

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Mike McCurdy says:

You guys advertise for ear protection on your pod cast, not seeing anyone wearing them.

TheDecoyDude says:

Well after Ida y’all are very lucky to be able to hunt down there for teal season. I know guys who live down there that couldn’t go because the marinas are shut down and the curfew was still going.

Cowgirl Kat says:

Beautiful day, a nice breeze and ducks… what could be better!

Rudy Andersson says:

Hunting and more when it is at its best👏
, thumbs up for the video Si and co.
Tasty dinner if you eat some of the catch too.

Pat Gordon says:

I like to see Uncle Si out having a great time. I think the Robertsons have the love and respect where it should be. Prayers from Indiana

Jonathan Chadwick Arts and adventures says:

Cut 'em Uncle Si!

derek mcIntyre says:


zippoar88 says:

Good Stuff..

Cameron Miller says:

Love the politics of Television TV shows, good hunt fellas. Frank Watson land is always full of ducks 🤙🏼

Dr Sandy says:

How do these guys ever find all the birds they shoot to me ids just an amazing memory to have! I know they have the dogs but God has blessed them with great skill guidance.

L.D. Walker says:

Thanks for sharing. I pray Si gets many more days like these.

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