The Best Time To Hunt In October | Midwest Whitetail

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The Best Time To Hunt In October | Midwest Whitetail

On this week’s episode of Midwest Whitetail we join the team as they experience some of the toughest hunting they have ever had in the whitetail woods. With warm temperatures and little deer movement, the team is looking forward to the cold front that is swinging through the midwest this week. The guys talk about why they hunt cold fronts, and how they are going to hunt their target bucks during this first cold front of the year.

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Christopher Mahoney says:

That is the down side of the single pin sights lol

402BoneCollector says:

I’ve been waiting for a cold front! Looks like Thursday morning is gonna be in the 30s so I’ll be in the stand! 19 more days until my 2 week rut vacation 🤘

Jay w4zxt says:

Dak. He’s the one

Morgeson says:

This weekend though in the Midwest looks like a 10-15 degree drop lezzzzz goooo boyyyzzzzz

Outdoors With This Guy says:

First chilli evening tonight felt good ! One had 3 does come by. Anyone else have any luck ?

3hangnail says:

Invest in good scent killer. That buck smelled and tasted your scent the whole time he was out.Scent killer ups your chances.

Mitchell Genz says:

Slow in NW Wisconsin, been musky fishing instead. Great video as always guys.


Fire thumbnail !

Steven Schmidt says:

Just got back from 3 days in Ohio, hot. Saw decent deer movement but does with fawns and small bucks. This coming weekend things scheduled to shift into cooler temps. Better get out there!

Krieg4020 says:

Some of the worst hunting in MO that I’ve seen in a very very long time. Cell cams are essentially dead. Minimal deer sightings during the hunts. Hard to wrap my head around. It can only get better from this point. Good luck guys

Brock Peck says:

I feel like I've been struggling here in pa. I feel I have good spots and setups. Get in there and sit and see nothing. It's frustrating.

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