Night Vision Coyote Hunting with the NiteSite NS200

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In this week’s Team Wild’s Varminators, Josh is giving the hogs a breather as he tackles crafty coyotes. A local airport is plagued with them, and Josh has been called to perform a little pest control, L3 Outdoors-style. Armed with his Remington 700 and NiteSite NS200, he’s decoy-calling against 40 mph winds in the hope of dropping some of these pesky critters.


L3HogRemoval says:

Seen the Vmax exit a lot. Use it all the time on bigger stuff then coyotes and it does exit. The bullet use on this hunt was a 100gr Rem Corelok.

fpsamerican101 says:

Like that scope.

Edge Mcsnob says:

Since it exited I'm assuming it wasnt a v max. a lead soft point perhaps? Can't believe it came in dead down wind. Young an dumb

Edge Mcsnob says:

Will you let everyone know what type of ammo your using. Sorry if I missed it in the video. Nice shot btw.

Team Wild TV says:

Thanks…Glad you like our shows!


I love what you guys are doing top effort but we would like to see longer clips videos keep up the good work and can't wait for the next video?..TOP EFFORT

Team Wild TV says:

I've only shot a .223 Howa. It came with mod,scope and bipod and was a really good priced gun. I was a bit apprehensive as to how it would shoot given how much it cost but boy was i surprised!! If you go to which is our website you will see a write up on the rifle there. Hope that helps….Keith

Viewing says:

i know bro i'm not sheldon from big bang theory,i do actually get sarcasm 🙂

Wiaan Oosthuizen says:

what do you guys at teamwild think about howa rifles?

wookiedestroyer101 says:

4:25 = Boom! Sit the FUCK down!!

juanjeremy2012 says:

at 5:04 does he say "we're gonna throw this chick in the truck…."????

Team Wild TV says:

We use the NiteSite which is a night vision unit…But, it also works perfectly in daylight without the Infra red so we can use them to record from. They can take a lot of recoil, i have been using one on a .308 for 12 months now 🙂

Tony Benedict says:

that was a good shot…Nitesite NS200 very good..
On my wish i will…

Ryan Bennett says:

didn't know you had coyote in England.

Ricoh Vegas says:

I was just trolling

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