My First Bull Elk – I'll Never Top This

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The conclusion of the insane elk hunting experience of 2021 with @Outlaw Outdoors & @Mullet Man where we turn to rifle hunting as the rut slows down and the big bull elk are slipping into the woods out of bow hunting range.

Camo & Pack – Kuiu
Boots – Han Wag
Bow – Bowtech Revolt
Rifle – Brace Built .308 Sleeper



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Justin Rackley, known as Lakeforkguy in the fishing world, creates fishing and outdoor videos on youtube and other social platforms. LFG provides fishing tips and techniques for mostly largemouth bass fisheries but also travels to other freshwater and saltwater fishing spots to explore new fish species and fishing techniques to help you catch more fish. Lakeforkguy likes to hang out on any fishing vessel or go bank fishing with his other YouTube Fishing friends and vlog with his Wife Stephanie AKA Ocean Spoon Girl and french bulldog Winston.


Kirk Clugston says:

Awesome hunt! Congrats on a majestic beast. Although, just watching this video made me itch like crazy.

Zach Shannon says:

So happy that you were blessed to harvest such an awesome bull. He will feed you, Steph, Emmy, and Ben for a long time. Praise the Lord

Anthony Nichols says:

Congrats! This Bull Elk you got is well deserved buddy! I am happy for ya! This is also THE BEST video you have done to date.

Zac Sells says:

A bull casually walking up hill equates to us in a dead sprint lol. If they're moving away you almost never catch them. Got lapped on Afognak Island all last week by bulls.

Mark Jackson says:

Congratulations Justin, great hunt! 👍

Dwayne Barbee says:

Awesome hunt brother! Hope to see you get one with a bow before long!

DCB Southeast Outdoors says:

Can you let us know what outfitter you used???

Zach Eastham says:

Congrats man! You’ve earned it! Crazy feeling.. we need more LFG more often

- 10 Ranch says:

You forgot the "S" in your title. It should say "I'll Never Stop This." That meat is delicious!

- 10 Ranch says:

I totally agree Packing out is the fun part. You should try it in bear country. (Wyoming) where bears can definitely be a problem.

Rusty Eastman says:

Huge, congratulations

Vince Castro says:

That boy can shoot

Isaac Nielson says:

LFG always putting in the work! Great video! Great Hunt!!! Feed that family!

JD A says:

Congratulations on an awesome buck! Next time, record the processing of the elk and do a second video, maybe even have it unlisted that you can link to, that shows the process. That way your hunt doesn't get demonetized, and we all get to watch the processing as well. Best of both worlds.

Lucas Feringa says:

NICE BULL!!!!!!!!!! Great Shots! We all have been there, safety on, empty chamber, bolt open. That is what makes the story all the better. My biggest coues buck stopped to look at me because a rock turned my phone back on right before I shot. LOL

Abdulharis Hjahmad says:

Suggest you do collaboration with Deerformeat.

The Eturn says:

you should have shot that spider with the .308 too. . .lmao

RJZ L Wop says:

Well that’s pretty messed up that they will not let you teach us how to quarter it, when ever there are videos on YouTube on how to clean an alligator gar what’s the difference?

David Naka says:

This guy clearly couldn't survive a fist fight, its funny these dudes that got made fun of in school or just never had the self confidence to defend themselves get a huge rush and satisfaction from killing other animals. Id love to read a thesis on a mans propensity to want to hurt or kill animals in relation to the confidence level in their own ability to defend themselves and their interaction with bullies in k-12

Nathan Vansickle says:

Awesome bull

Andrew Oliver says:

Outstanding, LFG! Very happy for you!

comiketiger says:

There is nothing like being in the mountains and hearing and watching Elk this time of year. Almost as rewarding as getting one! 😉 that was an amazing Elk , first, second or last. Beautiful animal. Good job.
God bless all here.

Lloyd Jr says:

I don't understand why you quit fishing in the fall…that's my favorite time

Jacob Sims says:

Congratulations LFG so happy for your 1st elk so epic

Blake Kopech says:

what an amazing adventure. congrats on the bull

Brian Schilling says:

Heck yeah man!!! Congrats!

Glenn Miller says:

Love that bugle! Congrats bud!

Leviathan says:

How much do you think that this hunt on private land would cost? would you have to pay for the hunt, and then pay for the animal that you killed (based on its size) ik deer farms in Texas do that – based on the pt size of the deer

Mitch Jus says:

Perfect first shot. He wasn’t going nowhere. Probably didn’t even need the second shot. Congrats

Darren Brown Jr says:

Beautiful LFG !!!! Well deserved 😊 blessed to see you finally got one , and a big one at that awesome video brother!!! Thanks 👍🤠😎👍

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