Wild Rabbit ~ Hunt, Clean, Cook, Chomp & Chew ~ Clay Tall Stories

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Living in the country generally means eating rabbits. I love it. Chicken of the land but better. Join me in this catch clean cook chomp & chew video.
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john sykes says:

Hi Clay, is it legal/possible to public land hunt Rabbits in New Zealand? I miss Rabbit stew.

Aaron Cole says:

Words of wisdom in every show. Thanks D.

Steven Pike says:

Well said & much respect re the sanctity of life & not taking your food for granted.

Stephen Mcgowan says:

Great vid mate, totally explains sustainment and survivability👌

skills completely lost

Partrick Gaspari says:

Just finished lunch, saw this. Now I'm starving mate. Looks really really good. Could practically taste it.

Have a look at how they set up the NS50 or night sight 50 etc. Maybe worth the investment making a home jobie for your hunting scope views. Not difficult to do at all really.

Camera sits snug in a silicon sleeve behind the scope. Battery pack sits on the stock, LCD screen sits ontop of scope with simple clamps made from PVC tube or the like.
The night sight version simply uses an infrared camera with an infrared torch mounted facing forward.
Can make the night sight out of a simple security camera. Great for barns.

Probably worth noting that you cant aim down the stock/scope tho cause camera there and end up needing shooting sticks to make it less awkward

Great videos, happy I found your channel

Glenn Evans says:

I watch your videos and you make my mouth water

andysharp21 says:

Love ya vids bloke, keepem coming.

Gary says:

Great video with respect for the food you take. Is Bruno a dogo argentino?

simon schulz says:

Great video mate I’m with you I don’t like shooting animals unless I’m feeding myself or my dog it’s just not a good thing I think ,I’m definitely going to try your recipe thanks for sharing mate .

TaNkSaLoT100 says:

The noise it makes when Bruno crunches skulls goes through me 😅I have to turn the volume down lol


Good 👍 stuff bro when are you going to head 🤔 up north up NGAPUHI County love 💘 your 📹 🎥 vids Clay GOD BLESS 🙏 YOU AND YOUR FAMILY BROTHER 👪

MrAnfernay says:

Awesome stuff bro, good onya man.. think im gonna have to do the same

dustinfisher29 says:

Hey, Clay! Stuck on ya channel for days now.
Got some questions: Why don't you plant some sweet potatoes?
You never do rabbit pie. Why?
And you could give Ducky one of the Peking males as a mate. The young would be sterile but grow fast and fat.
Greetings again from Germany 👋

Peter57808 says:

Sadly rabbits are long gone from here (SA) due to the introduced viruses.
In the 60's Mum and Dad would take us out and shoot rabbits for our dinner, they could not afford beef, pork or chicken!
Rabbit is very tasty when done right and needs to be returned to the plate.

nzrambo says:

Looks the goods.

Dawn Lambert says:

… You Just Fucked Up Easter For The Worlds Kids … Shame Shame Shame 😆 …

history is his-story says:

I couldn't do that I'd feel bad

barra says:

Hey Buddy! RABBIT,when i was growing up my Dad was in to everything, we had 40/60 rabbits all the time.Here in Perth they cost $25 for a dressed bunny.Crumbed are my fav!!! Love your Dish!

AdventureWith Matt says:

I wish my better half would give it a go. I grew up eating rabbit but it never looked as good as yours

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