Hunting Stereotypes

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Jeremiah says:

For the boys ✊

Caleb Fiaschi says:

“Back in Nam”😂😂😂

Dustin Chumley says:

Greetings! Awesome videos . You all are onto something for sure. Nice meeting you all. Thanks

hottestfuzz says:

I saw the Instagram reel so I'm here for the boys

Jesus Vargas says:

For the boys

Kasen Sinclair says:

this is funny an all but.. have you ever drug a deer 5 miles

Jason Carlson says:

The boys have came to support

Caleb Pickering says:

I’m probably not gonna watch anything, but gave you the sub to best the girls

Jacob Garard says:

The boys are here

Koi _ says:

Im here from THE BOYS

Benji On Controller says:

ayo how much subs are the girls at now?

Jarrod Ross says:

I’m here for the bois

Zack Gontier says:

I’m here from Instagram

GaryPoppins26 says:

I come from Instagram. I am here to help the boys beat the girls. Salutes

Noa Cummings says:

POV your here from the Instagram reel and you subscribed because it’s for the boys

Zander Nichols says:

Is JR jacobs little brother

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