BUCKS IN DAYLIGHT!!! – (Bowhunting the OCTOBER Lull)

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Jake and Ted are both on nice bucks. Can they close the deal on today’s video???
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Vaughn Hannus says:

Which climbing sticks do you guys use?

Muskrat man Outdoors says:

Man y'all still haven't killed a buck, feels like you guys are slacking compared to what I'm used to seeing from the deer tour, that's hunting tho, hope you guys kill a buck soon

Lorenc Pollo says:

I want you guys to get as many views as you rightfully deserve, but can you please stop using thumbnails which indicate you are drawing on bucks in the video when In reality you are not?

J P says:

We need a kill!!!! Please someone shoot something!!!!!! I can’t take it anymore😭

Davis Lott says:


P Pha says:

I woulda brought home some bacon!

Bobby young says:

So I need some comp THP merch. I caught poison oak watching yall set up!!!

vegas23 says:

Its important very important when you walk out in the complete dark with deer around you that you try to walk in the opposite direction of them on public if you can

vegas23 says:

As far as figuring out how to get out with Deer around you there are a few things you can do-The best thing to do is wait until its completely and I mean completely dark where the deer cant see 10 yards in front of them and they will let you walk by them even up to 10 yards in some cases if they cant tell what you are- The other thing is coyote calls using your phone but it doesnt scare some deer away- Also when you successfully walk out pass deer and they are really close and dont spoke away it gives you a big advantage in future days bc they wont associate your smell with danger

vegas23 says:

Also dont know if you knew or not but you guys need new cameras-You can hear the zooming in and out every time you do it

vegas23 says:

BTW I have to give credit where credit is due bc I have given you guys alot of shit the past couple years on Shooting Non Shooters and how you guys really need to Stop doing that and only shoot Pope N Young or better and you actually passed up on that 8 pt Well Done passing him up-He will be a dandy in 2 years

vegas23 says:

Im pretty sure that was Not one of the two Bucks you got on video

vegas23 says:

Those were definitely Not Feral Hogs LOL someone's Pigs either got out or let them out

Bo M says:

Dang man…thought yall stuck one. That's what the thumbnail showed at least……

Mike Payne says:

I think your shoes are awesome enjoy watching you learn from you like to meet ya!

These Outdoors says:

Deer school is awesome info.

The Racing Crew says:

man that was a good buck!

Jacob Gardner says:

At the 11:00 mark of the video, Curl is wearing a West Jefferson NC hat! I am from Ashe County, and an avid bowhunter, what does the logo say on the hat. That hat looks vintage.

Curtis J. Pace Jr. says:

Couple of coyote howls, then blows works for me leaving stand in dark.

Jason Bonnette says:

Give them a week or 2 and those pigs will be wild as hell

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