2021 Saskatchewan Moose Hunt

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john mallette says:

right on boiiiiz,.,.,,.

StihlnLogs says:

Congratz on a beautiful animal.

So Mo says:

Where did you buy your moose caller from?

S goldie says:

Thanks for video! Great to see you back!

HRM Weapons Machinist says:

Great Hunt!

Joel Atkins says:

Congrats on the moose! Is that Tikka issued?

Terry W. Milburn says:

The Fun's Over After The Shot's Fired, Great Looking Tag Filled Congrat's ! ATB T God Bless

timmberthy says:

thats great your back partner did you guys harvest wildrice this year ?

Eugene Blesse says:

Good video man

Twayne Robert says:

Great big bull…nice harvest for winter

Joseph says:

Been waiting for a vid, nice moose. Thx for sharing triple O G

Deer-the other red meat says:

Hard work, but rewarded with many good meals.

FiltyIncognito says:

Nice! Thanks for taking us on the hunt

Bob Stewart says:

what a god awful place to shoot a moose.

Larry Ladouceur says:

What wicked place to kill.a moose lots of work

Outdoors with mike says:

Your the One who inspired me to film. Also another great video you’ll have to make a trail Way back into where. where you got the moose sometime. A walk trail

Chris Haarstad says:

Good to see you posting again!

chad baillie says:

wouldn't that meat get warm under that tarp

crzy11000 says:

Glad to see you posting again

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