Teal CATCH CLEAN COOK! (Public Marsh Duck Hunting)

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This was the 2nd day of teal opener! Thanks for watching:)


Mudhen Mafia Outdoors says:

Great video !! Sent y’all a email if you get a chance to check it out.

Giovanni Vang says:

Yoooo. Go duck hunting with flair daddy sheewwwww

Tyler Jenniges says:

I know that Walmart! That was in Marshall, MN!!!!!! My hometown! Too bad I was around that day.

Catch n with Carter says:

Love your videos!

Beau Bauer says:

What choke do you use?

Paige McAdaragh says:

man wish i was invited to eat those kabobs 🙁

Jaxon Bush says:

Also those kabobs look gasss

Jaxon Bush says:

Fire video as always

Deerslayer says:

Do you know anything about the mossberg 940 jm pro? Like is it a good gun for hunting?

Wisconsin Outdoor limits says:

Yeah fix that shotkam Jesus

Chris Warden says:

set up with backwards wind. not good. shoulda went to the other side.

david g says:

Nice kabobs, who's teaching you to cook? Can't be John LOL

john harvey says:

Fix your shot cam

Louis Fernandez says:

More fishing. Less hunting please !

KsOutdoorSports says:

That mud was real. Nice shoot'n on the three pack!

Heaven Sengdara says:

Been loving the content lately, much love and support from Houston, Tx you already know the support shoots your way from all the way down here

Rashawn Cole says:

Do a solo hunt.

tmv8694 says:

"The grocery store."

Goes to Walmart.

Matt Phillips says:

What happened to the Alaskan series vids? Enjoyed that series but it just ended w no explanation? Give us more of that

the last knight says:

You guys should try out bow hunting

Savanna Miller says:

Go hunt with flair and banjo again!!

Bear Outdoors says:

What camera are you using?

Beau Bitz says:

Gary is a beast!

Adam Raby says:

Man your allergies sound bad dude. Have you tried Flonase? That shit changed my life no joke.

NW_ Blessed says:

Finally a duck or dove video without poppers

Hunter Brown says:

You gotta recalibrate that ShotKam ☠️

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