Everything Epic DIDN'T Tell You in Fortnite Season 8!

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Today Fortnite Season 8 went Live and I’m giving you Everything Epic DIDN’T Tell You in the new update! There’s a ton of new items, Kevin is back and lots of crazy leaks!

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Hey everyone it’s SypherPK, and Welcome back to another fortnite battle royale vid but this isnt really one because its a look at everything I do in a week! I try to keep these vids as clean and family friendly as possible! Hope you guys like the video where I talked about the season 8 leaks! Now its finally all happening! the HUGE end of Season event called Operation Skyfire just happening and I’m reacting to it! Hope you enjoy!

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Yami_Sanin says:

Syper if yoy right click you can phase into boxes while being a shadow

Doinkz and Zoinkz says:

Fun fact: If you go in the sideways and kill the monsters they drop this purple Kevin and if you get one of the sideways weapons you can actually make a mythic gun but to make the mythic you have to have like 50 Kevin's to craft a mythic.

#Songaiden says:

That girl with the katana reminds me of akame ga kill

Dustin Moore says:

"Mythic is better then legendary that's really the only difference". Wtf no shit really

gtoss chddy says:

Imagine blowing up Steamy Stacks in the event and then it ends up not even touched.

Jason J says:

They didn't tell us about the matchmaking change as well. Since season 8 I only play against Bugha's!

Cassandra sasthai says:

The symptomatic business informally introduce because caravan initially greet minus a smiling rugby. tasteful, tasty sunshine

Baller says:

Carnage ain't red bro..

Ed Kelley says:

i honestly like the automatic sniper rifle, usally the problem is that they're far away.

Marcus Amores says:

Les go kevins back!

sannio komi says:

Amazing battlepass, great lootpool, exciting storyline 👏 The only thing that let us down is the poor ammount of map changes

Rebecca Eyer says:

Pov it's 2080:
Typical gamer: dead
Mongral: retired.
Shypher: still trying to explain how the old map is coming back in chapter 9 season 10

S.MClipped TV says:

The bots in these comments

Fe4rles says:

Like sypher is right season 8 content coming your way👍he’s definitely right

Jennifer Mauro says:

Ores aim with the mini Kevin on or shadow fish

FIshyPlayz says:

Epic doesn’t tell me stuff I tell them

Krishan Kalia says:

Amazing video!

Mike Rivers says:

Auto sniper is it Sypher!

nighthorn 4u says:

30-30 repeater here oh it's now in fortnite nvm

frasras says:

bring back the outro song

dan fach says:

You said hunting rifles are back

Tyler Wright says:

What happened to you pk! Fix the hair sell out

double B Gaming says:

Rodey bro straight up dissed sypherpk in his newest video!!

Geurillo_dude Rampersaud says:

When he said he doesn’t hear US, hes starting to sound like his skin

Homerzkillet says:

im not sure if the rapid fire was nerfed
ive been using it quite a bit, even if it has a tiny bit more kick it is still really good and fun

Ethan Abrahams says:

I hope they’ll be consistent with content

Carson Osborne says:

How do you turn the ghost thing off on xbox

dark says:

damn sypher your getting better

PändåX says:

Speennndd all your gold on bring back the old OG pump

jacob suarez says:

I was absolutely beaming the shit out of little shits with the gold semi auto snipe today tho…

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