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Everyone can always use a little advice from Trail when it comes to hunting Elk. In this video, Trail goes over five tips every elk hunter should think about before their next hunt.

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Lfrey says:

Mule deer and antelope next?

Faruk Baran says:

I wish you had one stop shop for "OTC elk hunting for Non-Western hunters". I am from Iowa and all my "big game" hunting is whitetail hunting. I really would like to go to Colorado for OTC hunt but I do not know anyone to show me the ropes for that hunt. And it is intimidating for me to do that alone. I think lot of Midwestern hunters would appreciate that kind of a content.

HISEA Outdoors says:

So much to learn, thank you for sharing!!

Liam Merk says:

perfect advisor with the perfect advice at the perfect time. perfect video

Steven Kaiser says:

Thanks – taking these tips into the woods with me this Sept in CO first time (leaving tomorrow for 10 days) – got the cow call down, the PSE is dialed in with the arrows I built, gonna put miles on the crispis and hopefully give that bull an awesome sear on his backstops and enjoy every moment – can't wait – cheers and good luck to everyone out there this season.

J. R. says:

And bring Snickers 😎

Fishing with Phil says:

Awesome thanks

Jacob Jennings says:



SheerWill Survival says:

Hooche momma cow call works great

Виктор Плотников says:



SheerWill Survival says:

Very good advice things have changed a little with tech and the numbers of hunters over my 47years of hunting but the basics are still the same

Maude Margi says:



Richard Kramer says:

I couldn’t have said it better!

Armando Mada says:

Awesome thanks for the tips .Can you do one for couesdeer and javelina thanks for posting good luck on your tags this year be safe ..🦌🌮🪶🪶🦌

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