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February 6th – With fresh snow and cold temperatures Jake and Brody head out for a morning of calling coyotes. The walk in reveals fresh tracks in the area and after finding an ideal calling location Jake begins the first sequence of the day. Within minutes a coyote appears and is running straight to the call, leaving Jake and Brody scrambling to get a shot!

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The Hunting Public says:

What does everyone use for a predator call?

justin bassler says:

I've been watching u guys for ever missed this on good job

Garrett Howell says:

When coyote hunting you guys should try to be as hidden and still as possible, luckily the hunt went very well because that coyote probably came from that drop cut. When coyote hunting you need to have you gun set up on you and ready to shoot before you even start calling. This way if there is a coyote close by that you didn't see and luckily they don't see you then you'll be ready for it. All in all good hunt, that call works great. I'd stay off of the hauls with it but the distress calls work great.

Dan Thomas says:

The premos alpha dog I have the same call what was your volume set on

Greyhunter says:

Great hunt guys! Foxpro Hammerjack. Would recommend spending the extra money for the Fusion though. In talking to the techs at Foxpro on a recent warranty issue I asked them and they both affirmed the Fusion is the better choice in their opinion. Better speakers, upgraded remote and you can track your hunts. I also like to throw in a little raspy jackrabbit distress on a hand call during some of the howls or if I'm running Screaming Grey Fox on the Foxpro.

John Bravo says:

Congrats, but you should get yourself some snow-camo…! Might increase your chances a bit.

Freddy Lazo says:

The guy on the rifle looks like doofy off of Scary Movie 1 lmao

ProGreen LAWN says:

It's good you guys are coyote hunting, it's alot of fun! I been deer hunting since 1999 and just got into coyote hunting last year, I been seeing alot of them everywhere. I think every deer hunter needs to do their part and shoot more coyotes!

Bill Dejonge says:

one less deer killer…good job

Logan Dick says:

Nice job guys, i cant ever call one in. We have the best luck pushing or driving them like some people do deer. Last saturday we got 6 coyotes. Maby you guys should try that some time

David S. Sharpe SCPLS says:

I truly love these two gentlemen. They just look like cool dudes..Thanks for the video.

Jason Christman says:

Great job guys live your videos wish pa coyotes came in like that

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