Airgun Fish Hunting

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In this episode of Reel Cool Adventures, we hunt invasive Tilapia with the Benjamin Airguns .357 Bulldog. Tilapia are a an invasive fish species in South Florida that damage local native habitat. Removing them is encouraged and they taste great.

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Reel Cool Adventures is an Outdoors Comedy series featuring a wacky Florida man and his young daughter. We love to fish, hunt, camp, do trail camera reviews and spend time outside going on cool adventures.

After years of commercial fishing and fishing in tournaments around the world, I realized that I had the most fun spending time with my daughter catching strange animals in strange places.

Follow us down backroads, backyards and top secret locations to risk life and limb get up close and personal with exotic wildlife. It’s an action packed show full of humor, education, and comedy for all ages. From catch cook clean episodes, crazy adventures and collaborations with other youtube channels, the reel cool adventures don’t stop!

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DISCLAIMER: This video has been produced and uploaded with the intention of providing educational content that encourages safe and ethical practices. None of the products used in this video were designed for use on human beings – Only targets and animals. I DO NOT sell firearms or firearm parts – I provide information about airguns for enthusiasts who wish to educate themselves. All effort has been made to adhere to and respect YouTube’s firearm policies. By viewing or flagging this video you are acknowledging the above.


Grady Johnson says:

That's was cool! Made the guys day giving him the fish. Another banging video! Keep em coming Mike!

Magma False says:

All you are is a baka. Sussy imposter I vented 25 times??!!! Gone gay

David Hopson says:

That's awesome doing what you love and helping others. God bless you and your family love y'all my friends

Nate dawwg says:

That is so sick I just subscribed

Roberto Lagrata says:

Thats in Phillipines call that pla-pla…and i use airgun dart fishing

Arnel Genzon says:

Nice sir? Godbless…

robtowen says:

I sure hope you nicknamed that canal "barrel" because it's like shooting fish in a barrel.🐟🛢

pecinta uklik mania says:

Yes good 👍😎

Michael Gundorph says:

Used to get a lot of Tilapia served in the Philippines, thank god I ended up with allergy for fish and shellfish, they taste like dirty water and are full of bones.

wilbert suryajaya says:

We usually buy darts and string and pipe we attach the dart to string then we roll it to the pipe and then we attached the pipe to the airgun and then finally shove the dart down the barrel of the barrel with a wire there a dart gun and you just need to reel the fish

Hades05 says:

Fish lives matter

Marcos Iturribeitia says:

Nice hunting !!!!

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