Vocal Montana Bull | Archery Elk Hunt

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Abner Druckenmiller calls a bull elk within 50 yards during his hunt in Montana.



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Nice shot man takes a lot to keep your cool and make that kind of shot while being on camera!

S Rogers says:

Got lucky- congrats. Get a real broadhead. Those flappers are fine for small deer, but why not get a pass thru on an Elk???

Kaz Bleasdale says:

Congratulations on a beautiful bull, awesome job. Lots of good eating from him. You were truly blessed with a magnificent animal.

Peter Wagenknecht says:

If u killed that Beautiful animal for food then I say awesome hunt, but if as u said what an awesome trophy, then it has nothing to do with GOD, except to say God Help u, as U r nothing short of a murdering animal yourself. I never saw the animal with a Grim Reaper and a bow. U shot from cover and the animal had no defense what so ever. I am not against hunting for food but I am against hunting just for the so called sport.

C Henry says:


Hunt For life says:

Good shot Got lucky not much penetration wouldn’t recommend shooting big mechanicals for elk .

Jeff Davis says:

Nice shooting Abner. I shoot Grimreapers too and they definitely get the job done.

KY greenskeeper says:

Awesome guys! What I would give to be there with you…

Rick A. Shriver says:

Great job!!!

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