Hunting Down PBBV (Gorilla Tag VR)

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Thanks to LeeTee for the room code list that was provided through VMT

Big thank you to everyone else who contributed information

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In this gorilla tag video, I, jmancurly, hunt down pbbv with proof and evidence of the ghost of gorilla tag creepy pasta pbbv. I hope you enjoyed this video exposing pbbv and the evidence and proof.


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foxmanflying says:

I don’t know if this was him but I heard someone talking about someone following him (this was a casual lobby) so we went into a private server and his name changed to “you will never be alone” one by one not all at once

PJDoesStuff says:

So I’ve seen this mysterious monke in gorilla tag. So I thought I’d talk about it here. Not quite sure if he’s related but his username is buzzzer. I’ve been searching for him for a while now. He’s blue (I think) and whenever he’s in a server he doesn’t move. But makes weird sounds like truck honking, etc. idk who or what this guy is, but I’m just letting y’all know that pbbv may not be the only odd one out of the bunch.

kaden says:

He's real.

NNikolas Rasmussen says:


Coffee Racoon says:

Imagine a corrupted and glitched private server where the red eyed monkey and even PBBV himself live! And look for other players, also maybe pbbv was a player but got possessed in game and now his avatar with his username haunt private/public lobby’s!

Scp 096 says:

It’s funny how pbbv got popular because of jman

lilDRAGON says:

This is lit

GameplayTime says:

when he screams means ur in danger the louder his scream is the more danger u are in, i summoned him with my friend Yes We Summoned him and then he started screaming after we tried doing stuff (this was a private server that my friends created) and then i was in complete darkness and then the gorilla tag came up but it had red eyes and then it said i was banned for 1 day.

christopher yochelson says:

I think pbbv is the creator of grilla tag and he is trying to mess with us

Roman Spenceley says:

Hey Jman i was just wondering i have a video of PBBV he might’ve been fake but it might’ve not been so i was just thinking that this would be useful he did the same thing he did in the video just the room code is PBBC. There is also a YouTube named PBBV hunted you should check him out he has PBBV videos.

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