Hog Hunting – Top 10 Amazing Head shots || South Africa 2020/2021

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Some video footage of our headshot hunting in South Africa. Headshot kills on warthog. Slow motion impact shots. Best hunting headshots, impact shots.
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paul frehley says:

Joyous footage

Juan Dellachiessa says:

No Mantén los animales por gusto solo para comer lo necesario también ellos quieren vivir yo los apreció mucho por favor 🙏❤

Jaime San says:

Please keep doing these vids. Specifically when you slow it down for the kill. Thank you

Hmoob lom zem hav zoov channel says:

Nice your video brother 👍💯

Emilio Griffouliere says:


East Cape Hunting says:

what gat do you chaps use

Martie Lelia says:



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