100 Teal in an Hour on Opening Day!! (Incredible Texas Duck Hunting)

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As dawn begins to break and the sound of katydids and crickets are replaced with the whistling wings of blue-winged teal doing their best fighter jet impression, you’d never know you were nestled just west of the 4th most populous city in the United States. The migration of these blue rockets through the Eagle Lake Prairie is a sight to behold and we got to witness this amazing spectacle first hand on opening day with 2W Outfitters. The action was non-stop and after an hour of strong shooting and impressive dog work, that was all she wrote for 17 guns in the blind.


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Michael Bracken says:

Man what a hunt!

BP245 says:

100 birds about 1000 shells

POG Outdoors says:

The nicotine in that dip put a hitting on my mans stomach!

PJ Jackson says:

I can’t help but think these “hunts” are more about a commercial photo shoot than a source of meat. Do yall even keep those birds after they hang out on that quad in the texas heat for hours?

Tex Lee says:

Had a damn good time with you fellas, it felt like it went by just as fast as the video shows. The next day was a banger, too!

Thomas Allred says:

Do yall live in Arkansas

Chris Smith says:

I think Simba is my new favorite dog! Couple of those teal got beat up but what a great hunt!

Craig Barker says:

Wow Simba is an amazing dog. I’d be proud to have a dog like that. Good shooting boys


That was ugly

brandon corley says:

DB ALWAYS an Instant 👍!!

HISEA Outdoors says:

Enjoyable to watch! The dog is so smart👍👍👍

Giovanni Borzoni says:

Sounds like 4th of July in a couple clips😂

lou Thomas says:

Where did samba come from what state love to-get that bloodline l

Upstate Outdoors says:

Me and my buddies stop into Stewart’s. Upstate NY

Lucas Vlogging says:

gave a like for the yellow pup

Lucas Vlogging says:

slalyyyin them love It

Bob Giles says:

What an awesome video great footage an lots of teal. Nice job guys . Will be waiting for your next video

Colton Ondruch says:

Eagle lake never disappoints

Colton Ondruch says:

He definitely had one of the hippo tacos from bucces.

Jonah Finley says:

I think simba is absolutely loving it

Preston Franzen says:

That dog is insane!

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