Lion Hunt

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At least five lions take up position around buffaloes at Chobe, Botswana, 24 August 2016. This hunt was unsuccessful but they were witnessed making a kill late that day.


Terret Youti says:

เอาเสือไปใส่ในฝูงควายแค่ 1 ตัวก็พอ

Terret Youti says:


Нургазы Ашырбеков says:

Ошон учун уйбоор деген ушулда карачы малдын ынтымагын

uddi malenya says:

The Cape buffallo

Getnet reda says:

Paula H.Jones,Wildlife,

Фаррух Боев says:

Бедние киси ! Без обеда осталис,,,,,,

Harun Gamit says:

Very attractive videos.

Fair Talks says:

Title of the video should be "LION HUNT FAILS"

el says:

the lions only trying to get the buffalo to warm up their blood pressure before attacking

Titus Mwetu says:

Lion hunting

MOR tal says:

What a nice teamwork!

Moé Ramirez says:

уничтожить львов, спасти буйвола. 😄🇷🇺
Nuke the Lions, save the cape buffalo.

Damai Sejahtra says:

Kebo goblok

Очевидец Событий says:

Грамотно держат оборону рогатые.

Ant Poo says:

Love hearing tourists say “this is life”. As if they have any idea what real life is 😂

Rajesh KB says:

Nasty photography…unsteady camera.😭

Vanava Araiyan says:

Change the title

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