Camping on Public Land | Boat-in Turkey Hunt (Spring Collective – Ep. 02)

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Jon Lewis heads down to Tennessee with good friend Adam Barker, getting an early start to their 2020 season in hopes of bagging a long beard. Camping on public land will be the strategy for this boat-in turkey hunt.

Respecting the rules of social distancing, they take a boat deep into public land where they set up camp in the woods for few days to chase eastern turkeys.


Matthew Denz says:

Not sure where to ask this, but am I correct that all the persuader type models of the Mossberg 500 are discontinued? I can't find them anywhere on the official site, even though they're the second most shown in photos on the site only second to the 590A1. If so, why did this line get discontinued, I thought the 500 line was immensely successful.

hess man says:

My buddies and I learned the hard way about the turkeys on the Tn portion of Land Between the Lakes. All of the birds we've killed have been by scratching leaves and purring.

MyOutdoors says:

I got my turkey too in this covid19 era

Trky Hntr says:

Good video, but PLEASE loose the background music.

William Stormoen says:

You guys had a boat with lights… had a battery to start truck! Lol. All you had to do was jump truck off boat battery.

Peter Updike's Wild Treasures says:

I love a turkey hunt. Don't understand why everyone don't turkey hunt but I'm sure glad they don't. Great video……….

James Martin says:

Using a boat with a motor? I guess you're not afraid of getting Covid-19 from a gas pump like our Michigan governor, Whitmer. LOL

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