The End Of My Nebraska Hunt – Public Land Whitetails

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Garrett Prahl (@DIY Sportsman) and Samantha Prahl are going after a target buck and I’m hanging back to hunt the fringes in hopes of tagging one of the other deer that also use the area.

Samantha’s and Garrett’s Hunt:

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Michelle Gresham says:

M’s husband, you and your buddies I follow are ethical hunters, it makes me an ethical thinker when I hunt. Keep up the great work and videos. Thanks Shane!!!

Matt's wild point of view says:

Man I'm glade you shared this hunt Its so refreshing to see someone showe the real facts of hunting, not every hunt goes as planed and I'm your next shot will be on point.

Sara Faye Lawton says:

Wow I know you hated that to happen. She was walking hunched up it looked like. It happens to all of us, but Shane, really like yours and Garrett's videos cause yall show us the real deal good and not so good. Good luck next time!

FlounderWetspot says:

As a hunter it’s the worst feeling in the world. But in reality, It happens to every one. Stay after it Shane!

Al Raiche says:

Stay strong Shane! Focus on the many great hunts to come.

David Fleer says:

That’s part of hunting for most of us at least your willing to show the ups and downs we have to deal with, that’s happened to me before you just can’t grasp what went wrong 👍✌🏻🇺🇸

Fred Salay says:

If you hunt enough it happens unfortunately and you loose one. It's the guys that do it time n time again that is sad. They are out there. Your a great hunter Shane….it will be ok.


Hang in there shane. Too early in the season to get down on yourself

The Public Land Nomad says:

I know how you feel. Awesome video nevertheless!

Martin Philip says:

You’ve got a ton of goodwill in the bank with all the recoveries you’ve done. These things happen. Hope you bounce back quickly.

Brian C says:

Just gotta shake those off and try again. Even the wolf misses a meal every now and then.

Bucky DoeDowner says:

Happens to all of us who put enough time in with a bow. Better luck on next trip!

Ron Macdougall says:

It happens to most of us Shane,yes it is a big bummer,I know you are a person with a big heart.I go back myself 2 or 3 days and keep looking,I hate it also.I myself have changed a lot with my shot placement to hopefully never go through this again,so far so good.Keep on going forward.Can’t wait to see next video.

bobby green says:

You can’t kill em if you don’t shoot at em , sometimes you win ,,sometimes you lose , that’s the way any sport is ,,shake it off and keep on digging Shane we’ve all done this.

Del Culbertson says:

Things happen that we can't quite explain some times. Though we hate nothing more than to not recover an animal, it is bound to happen some time in our hunting career. Especially if a hunter spends very much time in the field.
You did everything in your power to recover this animal and that's the important thing.
Stay safe and travel safe!

Scott Witter says:

It happens…some of even miss turkeys. I kinda thought with her on alert she was going to drop and that would have put your arrow in the boiler room for sure.

Paul Wylie says:

It's a deer, not the end of the world. They die every day and they make more every year. Bow hunting is anything but a sure thing. Thanks for sharing.

Kenny Gibson says:

Sides of the hunt some people don't show, hunting with any weapon is not easy or painless

Can’t get enough Outdoors says:

The ups and downs of bow hunting are intense. Hard to shake off but in time the tines will help.

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