Coyote hunts, Varmint Hunts, Predator Hunts Varmint Control Officer

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Coyote Hunts form Varmint Control Officer vol.1 Part of the Country Born Videos to the MAX weekly newsletter.


waynush says:

Try hunting some some actual game animals,  Not the must stupid.

TheRaulr151 says:

Great job guys. Looks fun for sure!

TriplePedalTv says:

Do you guys use ear protection when you shoot dem yotes? It seems awfully loud if you don't

RaffyJoaquin says:

They beautiful specimens. I didn't know the got that pretty. They'll make gorgeous mounts.


YouTube did

How_V3ryAwful. says:

who the hell age restricted this!!??!?!?!!?!?!

Robert Hendrixsen says:

Not a chance…more like .308

LJ Norris says:

Excellent video!!! Thoroughly enjoyed that! AND LOL at the fingers for each coyote!!

SamFreedom says:

Are those pure coyote or mixed with wolf because those looked big.

Elijah Lysmo says:

Where is that?

jauger moore says:

what type of gun and calibre are u using ?

Clarence Presley II says:

I could not stop laughing at the fingers for every shot. Lol Great shooting

redneck456 says:

anyone see the deer 1:07

jerry kretz says:

more like a mule deer..

sam beaver-hawman says:

at 1:05 i think theres a moose behind the coyote

Ismail El Shishnagy says:

What type of rifle is this?

Were Wolf says:

beautiful gun, may i know its name?

Chris says:

I love the finger counting hahahaha

jim g says:

whats better for less fur damage and accuracy at long distance?

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