Bear Hunting Video Seminar 2020

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Myron Means, the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission Large Carnivore Program coordinator and statewide bear biologist, shares information to help Arkansas bear hunters find success this season. From the history of bears in The Natural State to bear biology and hunting strategies, this video delivers crucial information for hunters interested in pursuing black bears in Arkansas.


PJ Fountaine says:

Is it true that if a community or person has a Problem Bear, that ya’ll will come tra them and relocate them? Like one that is killing dogs, etc?

josh alexander says:

Very much appreciated! Great work sir.

Love GURU says:

We really enjoyed your classes in 2019…they were so informative and fun! We sure do hope you will be able to continue to offer those classes in the near future.

Christopher Mitchell says:

Excellent job! Very informative. I would have liked to have seen a chart or picture of the shooting zone super-imposed upon a bear image.

Robby Lockeby says:

My wife and I are not bear hunters, but we found this very interesting and watched it to the end. Thanks for making it available.

Kylie Woodworth says:

Great video, no one should say I don’t know anything about bear hunting.

bkconn says:

Amazing video. So much useful information I had to take notes! Thank you so much AGFC for putting this info out there for us.

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