BEAR Hunting in Va…The Stairway to A Bear?

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Another day training my hounds to Bear Hunt in VA…


Mountain Music and Mules says:

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Geoff Shafer says:

Great video man.

James Beitia says:

Another awesome,awesome video👍. They are getting better every time, great editing. Man, I've never bean bear hunting so much in all my life. I enjoy coming along more and more each time.

Aaron Kilby says:

Keep them coming Bud, Love watching your videos 💪

Gillis Garris says:

Got some great looking hounds. I’ve hunted with about every different breed, Plotts being my favorite. You have any Plott hounds?? I do see a couple that could be “buckskin” color of Plotts. Great hunt.

Joel Mcmahan says:

Speak to him hounds, the sound of the hounds gives a weary hunter the energy to go ahead after miles of trying to get there. Good hunting and gods speed to ya and your hounds. Thanks for sharing your videos. 👍🇺🇸🦾🎥🎬glad you found your camera.

dw hunter says:

Great hunt bud ! There's a wad of money in that little black bag aint there ? LOL ! Might put some blaze orange duct tape on that camera , might help find it next time you drop it or walk off. I enjoyed the video, pack sounds great.👍

George Lambert says:

Another Awesome video the stair steps would have been good for an ole man like me I am really excited about the early season coming up so that I can spend the week with you and the guy’s

Richard Johnson says:

Great video. Young hounds looking good. Are the mostly light brown colored dogs red ticks?

Curt Culbertson says:

Another good video. Dogs are looking and sounding good.

Mark Webb says:

You've got everything looking real good!

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