AIRGUN TURKEY Hunting, Cleaning, and Cooking | VAULT HUNTS

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AIRGUN TURKEY Hunting, Cleaning, and Cooking | VAULT HUNTS Join American American Airgunner TV Show host, Rossi Morreale in this week’s Vault Hunt to see if he can harvest a wild California turkey with the Airgun! He tries this with a .22 caliber break barrel airgun from Umarex USA called the Octane! Afterward, they clean and cook the wild turkey…will you try to harvest a turkey with an airgun this year?

The Umarex Octane:

Pyramid Air:
Umarex Airguns:


Jah Yeet says:

Hey man I was wondering what scope I could use on my break barrel because of the double recoil I’m planning on turkey hunting once the time comes and the stock scope that came with my bone collector is decent but I don’t feel comfortable on trying to hit a turkey’s head with it

scott donaldson says:

Davis in California has that many turkeys they will follow you home if you wave a bag of peanuts at them 😁

filoIII says:

Head shots only?

me notu says:

this should of been mentioned in the video or above in the description but for all like me wanting 2 know it was an ear shot using 18gr jsb pell's. out of the octane thats 755fps almost 23ft pounds of energy.

guldam says:

Given that the Turkey was taken with a .22 Springer, shot placement is pretty important. Was this a head shot? Vitals shot? Were any organs hit? Did the pellet mushroom?

When cleaning this turkey how did you remove the crop? Did you save and cook the gizzard, and heart?

So much interesting and critical information missing, it’s a crying shame.

I have seen a big Tom shake off two .308 Airgun hits, stand up and walk away. I suspect that first Turkey may have actually been hit and just shook it off.

Neal Tressler says:

Nice shooting,Rossi…I’ll be cheating a bit with my Wingshot this year

Biagio Cozza says:

Great video guys, that was fun to watch. Congrats Rosario on your turkey🦃 Great hunt guys

fjqtaxch9 says:

Darn I want a turkey leg and thigh now. Great video.

Videos says:

Everyone can learn from other hunters mistakes. Thanks for showing this.

Maierean Marian says:

Really nice video guys really entertaining and fun it really broke my heart that you don’t have more views but I’m gonna share nice work !!

The Dollar Sportsman says:

What in the TURKEY?! Good Scott that was a great shot: a few flaps and a flop 😎.
Well done, brother.
So for those of us who have not hunted turkey with an Airgun: where do you aim?? All head shots, or is there a sweet spot on the body for the pellet to pass?

chopperhehehe says:

Last bit brilliant. Where is the best hit zone for the turkey

Cliff B. says:

Nice Shot! What pellet were you using? Where did you hit it at? To drop it that fast?

Shawn Jackson-Cook says:

Maybe I missed it, but where is this at and what's the cost to hunt?

Shawn Jackson-Cook says:

what's up with PA and AG? Are they still open? I just purchased a gun off AG and just realized it won't be here until the 20th. Usually it's only a few days, not 2 weeks. Did the virus shut them down?

Francisco Carvalho says:

Turminha show parabéns like garantido

Timmy says:

Anything on who won yet ? After all it is next week now !!

Car guy tv says:

God i love air rifles

left handed trigger finger 244 says:


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