Ravin R500E – World's Fastest Crossbow (500 FPS) You can buy it right now!

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Ravin R500E – World’s Fastest Crossbow (500 FPS) You can buy it right now!

Get your Ravin R500E here

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Kelly Belanger says:

Did China buy ravin out

Cycle Rider says:

For the Rolex wearer that has everything.

HardRockMiner says:

You aren't saying the name properly. Huge fail.

Grey Wings says:

This is the one I need! With a few hundreds Arrows…

Boomer Dan The Man says:

Hatson harpoon is 600fps and kinetics energy of 310 with a price of $800.00… this is just awesome but that's it…

1digitalwatcher says:

222 foot pounds of energy, Yes its nice but the price. Just get a little closer to youre game with a less powerful one . I have a ten point mine was over a grand years ago having the best is nice ,. but out to 40 yards on big game mine has thumbnail accuracy.

Eddie A Smith says:

$4.000 for 1 Deer a season? That better come with white glove concierge field dressing service packaging and delivery.


1:10 spelling raven but title says Ravin and the way you say it lmfao
the unemployed could buy this in 2021 but not the working person

Dee H says:

I like the speed but it has way too much that can go wrong. I think for 3400 bucks it should haul my deer out of the woods. I’ll stick with my Excalibur.

Metal Steel says:

fucking amazing. but only get this if you're rich. I could afford to buy the bow, but the maintenance costs will kill me.

Mike Guy says:

Its cool for sure, but I can't justify that price. Not when I've killed 20+ deer with a barnett razr ice

Stench Finger says:

Why is there not an option on the website to purchase this.

Fco. Javier Durán aguilar says:

Estoy en México no inglés de favor si podrían contestación en español

Fco. Javier Durán aguilar says:

Cómo le puedo hacer para ponerme en contacto para adquirirla tengo una ravin R20

Peter S says:

Nice Photos and no Test shot 🙄 For this expensiv Bow is IT a nogo. And the shot on the target is an Old shot. Very lame for a presentation😑😐

Rodney Salmon says:

If you are going to do a review please atleast learn how to say the product name properly

rviolinfiddle55 says:

Not inspiring much confidence in the accuracy of your videos, when you can't even pronounce the name of the company correctly.

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