4 Giant Texas Bucks | Deer Hunting The Rut | Road Trips Rewind

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The Road Trips crew looks back on successful deer hunts in Texas. After a long season the crew is excited about the target rich environment.


Mighty Joe Young says:

He watched us set up and still came in. Translation: Man, these selectively bred farm deer sure are stupid.

Rusty Taylor says:

That area is now infested with covy infected illegals.

Cody Taylor says:

I have been a fan and watched realtree outdoors for 25 years ..but nowadays it's not about the love of hunting free range deer..it's about nothing but bullshit sponsors and high fence deer with a name tag …they shoot a deer..oh let me put this hoyt down ..with these Easton arrows… Bla bla bla these hunting shows have turned into nothing but a marketing tool and forget what bill Jordan really built this company to be it's sad

Thomas Young says:

Dropping bucks like they always be doing lol great Texas hunt I'm ready for deer season here at home I got the itch bad

Todd Jacks says:

Awesome video's guys

EL PEKE says:

hi people saludos­čśÄ

Anthony Taylor says:



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