Big Fish Hunting Eel | Stop Motion ASMR | Unusual Mud – Mukbang Cooking IRL 4K Funny

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★ The main content in today’s video:
The race between blue fish and red fish, it seems they are very hungry and compete for giant eels. Black catfish swallow baby shark, the hunt for eel has never been easy. Maybe you don’t know, golden duck lays incredible pink eggs, let’s explore with me!
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👉 Warning: This is not real, do not eat!
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Gemar Bermain says:

Mantap dan kerenn

RD Animations says:




fran665w says:

Por qur tiene tan pocos cometarios?

fran665w says:

Que es esto tabien raro

Fancy Cooking says:

녹색과 빨간색

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