BIG Bear in the SNOW – Bear Hunting with The Untamed

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Shane o mac outdoors says:

Great video

elpotrodeloyola says:

Disgusting video. That poor animal was very scared.

Joshua says:

Man I love to see the chaos brings back lots of memories from when I was little coyote hunting with scent hounds with my grandpa

Josh Houston says:

Y’all ever plan on making coon hunting videos in the future?

845pitdog says:

So nobody's gonna say anything about the girl busting her ass in the snow at 5:28. 😃

Geoff Shafer says:

Great video. That would be fun to run in the snow

Shawn Graham says:

Soldier here from WV…. Yall ever take anybody hunting w you? God bless!

Mike Fidler says:

You guys never disappoint!!!! Great hunt

James McKinley says:

Nice hunt fellows.

Dominic Marszalec says:

Hey Kirk did you ever find tron?

Ron Saxton says:

I heard the comment we might of turned to many dogs out ? How many dogs do you usually turn out on a track ? Is there a set limit of hounds each hunter is allowed to bring ?

Bill Edwards says:

Thanks for all you do get,'s my blood going

Trice Heatherly says:

Wow what an intense hunt the dogs are beautiful and real nice bear thanks for sharing be safe out there and God bless

Skeeter Malcolm says:

There's that awesome sound man, love watching your channel

Curt Culbertson says:

Great video once again. Dogs looked good and another nice sized bear.

Keith Mock says:

Awesome Awesome Awesome!! Your videoing is getting better every time. Thank you for sharing

Ron Wilson says:

Great video thanks for sharing!!!! Always glad to see the youngsters behind the trigger!!!!

Dakota Blackwell says:

Letssss goooooo!!

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