2019 Ken Mayer CAPE BUFFALO

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Nosler 300 grain bullets, .375 Ruger #1 – it does the trick – great footage of Ken’s 70th birthday, Cape buffalo #5!


Marcus Pierantozzi says:

So you shot a pen fed buffalo with a tag in his ear from the back of a truck.. you are just missing your jack russel to "track" it for you…. pathetic, sad excuses for "phs"
You give south african hunters a bad name.

Aaron Wilcox says:

I find nothing wrong if this fella chooses to hunt like this. More power to him. My only gripe is the muzzle sweeping going on especially with the live rounds. If any of these fellas did that to me an i observed it id kick the schidt out of them right there in the bush.

Edward Pape says:

Running him up against the fence and then shooting him from the vehicle is not hunting it's just killing and in this case it's just killing an immature bull.

Rupert McNaught Davis says:

I may be wrong but it looks like he shot it from the vehicle !

Weberson Ferreira says:

Tiro mau dado o animal sofreu pra morrer tem que ser uma morte instantânea

Gary Dakota says:

THESE ARE PATHETIC EXCUSES FOR HUMAN BEINGS—>> Allowing that bull to lay there and suffer, even for a minute, shows how these barbarians thirst for blood. Most of these kinds of Satanic demons were animal abusers in adolescence. The methods they used with family pets were burying alive, burning, drowning, stabbing etc. This kind of behavior also has a sexual connotation. These hunters get a sexual high (heavy breathing, moaning, hollering, smiling) from killing.

tonelow5 says:

I hope your birthday resulted in a full body mount . Full body mount or just head mount ?

Beautiful hunt . Great job sir

Ntse_ Laiv says:

if you don't eat- please do not kill

Andi Setyobudi.w says:

evil-hearted, evil hunter

Nelsirley Ferreira says:

Bgard fallo de caren

pointerdogman says:

Liberal fools, hunting in Africa is done behind high fences now. That what keeps the poachers and the predators out. It also provides meat for many poor people. In the states, we raise beef and slaughter it. I'd rather shoot my own which costs more. If you hunt Africa, all the meat is donated. Without high fences, there wouldn't be any African wildlife left. It would all be killed for food. When I was there last year two rhinos were killed the week before i got there. Killed for their horns to be sold in the Asian market.

Chusak chunchiew says:

ไอ้ชั้วไอ้เวร เวนกำจะตามเล่นงานพวกมึง มึงจะเกิดเป้นควายแล้วโดนยิ่งอีก10ชาติ

Hawuuus Huwuuus says:

crazy human

Valerio De Santis says:

che eroi coraggiosi

BinBasheer says:

Do you enjoy ?

Mundu WA ruiru says:

U belong to jail

Idle Onlooker says:

Fariborz Rezai: Making snide comments, blocking me AND then deleting your thread just shows you for the coward and hypocrite you are. Also claiming to be a doctor, too, it's clear you're a pathological liar and suffer from a dual dx – F40.10 and F52.21. So go take YOUR meds LIAR!! 😘🖕

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