Chinese Lady Shoots 1st Black Bear Close Range with a Crossbow! Spring Bear Manitoba (2021)

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The Bear Hunting Project – 2021- Ep.4

Wow, what a hunt story! Qian contacted me in spring about a bear hunt. When we talked over the phone she explained that she just started fishing last year and her friends suggested she try hunting. You need to know that none of her friends fish or hunt, so Qian is blazing the trail into this wonderful lifestyle. Qian explained that she had no weapon for the hunt, but luckily thanks to Heights Outdoors in Winnipeg, MB I had a very easy-to-use Excalibur crossbow. I assured her that she would be able to easily shoot the crossbow and be successful on her spring bear hunt. As you’ve seen before in my other videos my wife Donna has been able to take 2 bears with minimal experience shooting them.

On the day of the hunt we arrived at our hunt location and I set up a target for Qian. Well in short order she was hitting the bulls-eye every single time, she was now ready! She didn’t have to wait long for her opportunity. The first bear that came into the bait was a sow, so we left her alone, but a couple hours later a young boar came in. This boar would not settle down and give Qian a good shot opportunity. Finally, time stood still and Qian aimed for the shiddle and the bear ran 40 yards and laid to rest. He squared out at a respectable 6’2.

So, in a 4-hour span, Qian learned how to shoot a cross-bow, went on her first bear hunt, and was took her first Manitoba spring bear on the ground with a crossbow! Welcome to the hunting family Qian, and I am sure you’ll enjoy many more memorable moments in the beautiful forests of Manitoba!

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Rattling Junkie says:

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Clearwater Outfitters says:

Love to see new hunters getting into bear hunting. Great job and awesome video!👍

Fred Bear says:

What broadhead did she use?

Dan Ohearn says:

I need to get a trad bear before I get too old. Congrats to the huntress!!

Fishing With Bottles says:

Right on! Nice shot!

War-N Niklz says:

She's got some nerves of steel! 🤘🇨🇦🍁🇨🇦🤘

Eric Bethune says:

I love how excited she was. Very well done Qian. That shot was brilliant!!

Stickflingers says:

Best video of the year! Congrats Qian and David. Something special about watching a new hunter experience what we as humans are meant to do. Bravo

Glenn Hermon says:

Another great hunt and video!

Earl Bargen says:

Congrats Qian, that is an awesome first bear. A perfect shot. Great job Dave on capturing the hunt and helping new hunters get started.

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