Russian White Lipped Bear Hunt (With a Surprise)

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Watch some of the most exclusive video footage ever taken of the incredible and endangered Amur Tiger while searching the remote coastal rain forest of eastern Russia for the rare White Lipped bear!


DerekFed says:

Tiger was brought in i bet.

Chris Grabowski says:

You have a terrific attitude.

olsson janne says:

amazing . i have hunted bear in that area long time ago. but no tiger

Dave Buffalo says:

Seeing that Tiger,walk by,must have been one of the most amazing things ever. I couldn't even imagine. So,so,rare! Awesome!

Rodney Smith says:

what caliber did you use?

Shawny T says:

Whoever is paying huge money for the Amur Tiger and promote its destruction…. are insane and destructive people themselves. Too bad some people actually believe that eating a endangered tiger will give them special powers

pamtnman pamtnman says:

the tiger footage is the best part; you probably think so, too

GANGA SINGH Rathore says:

Legend ay even Vladimir Putin has not seen Amur Tiger in wild, the ones he has been photographed are the captive ones, this was rarest of the rare sight Alan, Lucky you

justin wilson says:

I'm from WV USA and I'm jealous seeing that much Baltica beer. Cant get it here and miss working over there cuz it got me hooked like a catfish on a trot line.

Bob says:

here Kitty Kitty…

Judy Ullmann says:

Good luck separating Chinese and superstition.

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