Arrow Kinetic Energy 0-60 Yards l Ashby Bowhunting Foundation

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This video is about the amount of kinetic energy at launch vs 60 yards with increasing arrow mass. 3 bows and 6 different arrows, with increasing mass and FOC. Second in a series as the Ashby Foundation starts testing.

Haven’t seen speed Erosion?
Watch the first video HERE! – Arrow Speed Loss 0-60 yards:


Vox Populi says:

Troy yer freakin corporate shill! I didn’t see a single a single Viking Cobra bow in the test and I think you know that it shoots twizzlers from the moon at laser speeds. Yer messin with the data LOL

Alan Taylor says:

But you can’t shoot that heavy out west elk hunting Troy!! (Kidding, just poking fun from recent videos from elk shape who won’t actually call you out)

mikielyke says:

Thanks Troy aka Ranch Fairy for changing my approach to arrow setups, I've been bowhunting since 1978 arrows back then where mainly cedar shafts and zwickey type broadheads which where naturally heavy I'm now shooting 738 grain arrow with a 27 almost 28% FOC, I'm also setup for 638 grain with 20% plus FOC, thanks again Troy you are the man, happy hunting I'm pumped only 36 days until September 1st elk opener.

David Valentine says:

Troy I absolutely love it when you piss of the know it alls!!! They hate being wrong!!!

Dave Kormanec says:

Too hot to fish… Welp ok let's discuss how force is directly proportional to the rate of change of momentum with time shall we 🤣👍🤣 A+

Chris Jones says:

Troy, do you have plans to compare the trajectory of each arrow weight?

Lukács Németh says:

Troy Thanks for the information, always good.

HickLife says:

How would I get involved to help yall? I think I'm fairly close to you and think it would be a blast to help yall out

Jared Mummert says:

I’m looking forward to seeing where the conversion of speed, KE, and momentum come together. Basically the point where you get the minimum arrow drop at 60 but tolerable KE and Momentum. I’d imagine it’s somewhere in the 525-575 grain range.

Rafe Harradine says:

This is great information, thank you Ranch Fairy!

Steve says:

I am not on the “heavy arrow” bandwagon. I do like these studies because I love math and physics. The caution here is that people doing studies that already have preconceived notions will align the data to prove their point. We see this in marketing everyday. I like RF and am not saying he would skew any data in his favor. I will be anxious to see what comes out of all this work. At least he is willing to put in the work.

Jacob Cutter says:

I love the math, but I think you need to demonstrate it. Take the next big pig you kill and use it for a penetration test. Light vs Heavy at 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60 yards. Having an actual visual comparison will go a long ways.

Mikey Woomer says:

I'm definitely not smart enough to follow all this math crap haha.. love the video and love that guys are learning stuff. I'm trying but I'm a knuckle dragger and some things just don't comprehend to me. Keep up the great work Troy 💪

Richard Dean says:

Thank you for the in depth explanation of your experiment. It will be interesting to see the end result of your experiments – meaning what arrow weight is optimal and where the threshold begins for arrow failures due to lack of weight. I have only received a definitive answer at one archery shop, wherein the owner had a specific weight that he advocated – no less than 500 grains. Can't wait for your non-equivocating answer.

DROOG Bear says:

Dang my 800 grain arrow isnt on the chart

Can’t get enough Outdoors says:

The wing dinger blow shop owners are mainly douches that want to sell you bells and whistles lucky for me my guys not

Brian Mincher says:

Good stuff as always. First they scoff, then they make fun, then eventually they say they knew it all along. Just wait and see.

Andrew Bean says:

Troy, is there anyway you could post the data from this experiment? I'd love to be able to see all of it myself.

Steven Self says:

What do you think of joe rogans penetration test they did in a parking garage haha

Gravy Train says:

Hook me up with one of those hats, they fire.

Wc WCGarner says:

I am shooting Easton axis arrows this year. They are 440 grains. I am getting great speeds. And perfect arrow flight. Wt a fixed blade broadhead NAP HELLRAZOR. Keep up the great work troy.

Charlie Palmer says:


Joseph tread lightly says:

I can't wait until the momentum video. Speed & k.e. r like relative humidity. 28* & snowing with 88% humidity or 92* with 88% humidity & almost raining. Dewpoint & Momentum r similar & give u the truth or @ least something that isn't debatable.

Mikyll1969 says:

why, after all this math and graphs and showing the facts… do the low-weight winger-zingers STILL not see that there might be some truth and value in the heavier arrow/slower initial speed path?

David Holliday says:

A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still. Some folks are just not going to buy in no matter what. Speed at distance is of no value if you can't hit the vitals. A clean miss is better than a wounded animal any day.

Traditional Bowhunting And Wilderness Podcast says:

Another amazing video!

Mountain High says:

Great info. It would be interesting to see if continuing to increase the arrow weight would bring the curve back down and increase the Ke spread. With the 6" brace bow the 670gn arrow outperformed the 718gn arrow. Would a 800gn countinue the decline in performance at distance? Yay science!

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