Hunting African elephants with guns

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Hunting African elephants with guns
An African is a coordination of two living elephant species, the African bush elephant and the smaller African forest elephant. Both are herbivores and live in groups. It can be the size of the UI, its canines and tusks. Wikipedia
Scientific name: Loxodonta
Gestation period: African bush elephant: 22 months
Height: African bush elephant: 3.2 m
Speed: African bush elephant: 40 km/h
Mass: African bush elephant: 6,000 kg, African orange elephant: 2,700 – 6,000 kg
Life cycle: African bush elephant: 60 – 70 years, African forest elephant: 60 – 70 years


K icc says:


Chiranjit Baruah says:

in my village , elephants often ruin our farm and sometimes even kill people which also includes children 😭, So it is important to kill

Chiranjit Baruah says:


محمد تركمان says:

الفيل ليس مفترس

Sir Tosty says:

you are a terrible person

Rob Backyard Gardenerr says:

Wow. First comment? Unreal.

Noel Phagoo says:

Man is no good

Neon Jaguar 🅥 says:

Eu odeio o seu canal

Blaze Gaming says:

F of why do you kill these amazing animals

Toszav Wer says:

Во уроды

Joel Sosa says:

Son asesinos están Terminando la vida silvestre que lastima

silvio gomes says:

Malditos canalhas…. a arma deveria estourar nas suas caras…

philippe hondaa says:


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