Bowhunting in the UK

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I have been asked many times about bow hunting in the UK. Here is some of the history of bow hunting in the UK, and some of our thoughts on whether t is appropriate, humane and should be allowed in the UK once again.

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Bow Hunting Footage –

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Aaron Dingain says:

I would love too hunt with one of my bows here in the UK if it was legal and i would be more than happy too pay for a license just like you need a fishing license

Cally Upnorth says:

Bow hunting with a traditional bow looks so noble, I love my take down bow

Tommy Gunz says:

Should be legal.. it’s been the way for thousands of years we used spears and all sorts

Andrew Johnston says:

Those weren't reasons you were giving. There were rationalisations. Stop your bullshit !

Bartoszek90 says:

Can I and my son target shooting with bone and arrow in the Fields?

Bartoszek90 says:

We lucky breathing is legal in UK to be honest

S.S RADON says:

Foreign hunters in Europe consider a .22 rimfire being a certified deer cartridge ludicrous. It's the most anemic common cartridge and you realise their point when you consider many people have survived tens of shots from 9×19mm.

A 70lb recurve bow and 100grain tip is significantly more powerful than a .22 rimfire and would kill small game instantly or as fast as a .22 at worst from 25m.
I fully agree with your suggestion for bowhunting law but the mass populus loves removing their and their brothers freedoms and they don't understand the effectiveness of bows, neither would they want to.

S.S RADON says:

British law in a nutshell: it's legal almost everywhere else in the world!

rich skipper says:

Interesting video!!

CBD Review UK says:

good luck trying to get bow hunting to pass when we can't even catch crayfish haha

Harry Whyatt says:

Bowhunting is part of being human, we did it for many thousands of years and should be able to do it now. The yanks don't seem to have any problems…

Jerry Gillespie says:

Encouraging words that won't change a thing when it comes to UK hunting laws.

Jord Russ says:

Started writing some good points from the start of the video, after you said leave acomment… by the time i finished you had mentioned most of my points, mostly around comparing to air rifle hunting and its lack of regulations, lol.

northern monkey Ric says:

Nail on the head I'm afraid until the nation is educated properly on killing animals and not this stupid notion that all animals are fluffy creatures. I work in the pest control industry and I can tell you now how hard it is to even kill pest there is about 10/12laws protecting animals and hindering the use of many tools in the chest. Small game bow/crossbow hunting would be brilliant but I believe all hunting and game shooting as a whole should be thought non political. Government should invest in game lands and ranges for people to atleast try and see if its for them and for the love of God the animal welfare laws need looking at because believe it or not people this is our main hurdle for any increase or popularity of pro hunting stance or relaxing of certain tools to use. Unfortunately I'm 33 and I will never see the relaxing of our laws for hunting or target shooting with the use of any tools not just guns. Big shame as genuinely people need to understand filling a freezer with, birds fish rabbits squirrels caught and killed locally is faaaaarrrrr better than the crap you buy in supermarkets and not forgetting the decreased impact on environment by not literally having truck loads of trucks and planes to ship this about

konnor w says:

The government should bring back bow hunting with restrictions such as a licence draw weights proof of purchase proof of land owners agreement selected hunting seasons with selected species and sizes selected hunting grounds and limit the number of hunters per county charge membership fee's and a possible waiting list and must proof they have a certificates they have passed a bow hunting course and a standard archery course

Sitting Bull Sitting Bull says:

As a Canadian it makes no sense that you cannot hunt wildlife with a bow or crossbow in the UK

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