Airgun Shotgun Turkey Hunting: Increase Knock Down Power and Range with Tungsten Super Shot!

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Gear used:
Air Venturi Senaca WingShot II:
Air Venturi Empty Shot Shells:
Air Venturi Air Bolts:
FX Outdoors E-Z Shot Chair:
Hawke Optics Micro Reflex 3MOA Red Dot:
MMP .50 cal Sabot Cups – Green:
Loose Tungsten Super Shot #9:

So you want to go Turkey hunting with an airgun shotgun? Before you even think about patterning your gun thinking you’re gonna take a gobbler with traditional shotgun lead shot, THNK AGAIN! I spent months last year testing airgun shotguns and their lethality potential as well as their patterning potential at given ranges and will tell you that #4 or #5 lead is NOT the way to go!

In this video I go over the Air Venturi Seneca WingShot II and how you can boost your knock-down power (FPE), increase your range, and tighten up your shot patterns by using Tungsten Super Shot. The WingShot II is an amazing versatile tool to have in your airgun arsenal as it can be used as a shotgun, or an arrow slinging airgun, or even shoot roundball. Ideally if you live in a state where hunting with arrow based projectiles for airguns, that would be the preferable method of take, but if you live in a state where they are not legal yet to use – you should really pay attention to the information in this video.

During this testing I was also able to show the FX Outdoors E-Z Shot Shooting Chair and will be doing a full review soon. I fricken LOVE this thing! During the Deer hunting season, I was able to test out the New FX EZ Shot Chair and immediately fell in love! Normally I hunt from a small tripod cloth stool with Primos Trigger Sticks tripod.

A few things I have never liked about sitting on a stool was how high my profile is and having the legs of the tripod shooting sticks stick out so wide greatly diminishing my concealment while Deer hunting or Turkey hunting.

The EZ shot chair fixes these issues by getting my seated position lower to the ground and the slightly reclined position is so much better on my back vs being hunched over for hours during a sit. The adjustability of the front gun rest functions just like the Trigger Sticks with fluid up and down movement. Love this thing! Way to go FX Outdoors!


Scott says:

Getting ready to pull the trigger on a new air shotgun. in your opinion out of the one in this video or the PBBA which should i choose?

David Berkley says:

Hey man got my wing shot couple mths ago Look try melting bees wax pouring over lead and sabots works great melt wax kinda hot if you do it right you won't see wax but it holds Great ! Power tuned mine and added center bead 870 fps love mine

Stanley Quick says:

I have a crazy question for you. Have you tried a light coating of bore butter on your shotshells, to see if it would generate more velocity? I know that plastic creates drag in the barrel, and that bore butter is not combustible. Just a thought.

Stanley Quick says:

Or how about using masking tape, which would break free easier? Just looking for info, since I also have the wings hot, and just ordered sabots for it.

Stanley Quick says:

I was just wondering. Do you think putting a thin plastic wrap over the top of the sabot, and just taping the plastic wrap to the base of the sabot would work?

Charles Scudder says:

You covered lead and tungsten, but how does steel shot work? Or is steel not usable in those airguns?

Overwatch, Belize Drone Services says:

Have you tried using the tungsten shots in the regular shot cups sold got the gun and tried double loading?

Ronald Bell says:

Can you use Tungsten super shot in the Air Venturi shot shells?

Nunya says:

Jst wanted to THANK YOU!!! I was not able to get the exact materials (tungsten shot and those exact sabots) but I was able to get higher end #9 steel and Superglide sabots. Patterned phenomenoly @ 20 and 25 yds the best I got was 16 pellets within a 4” bullseye. Amazing. I did a little experiment you might want to check out yourself. Used both red AND blue label pipe dope. The red is slightly thinner. I got slightly better shot grouping but only in 3 shots for each comparison. Again….THANK YOU

Nunya says:

Hey brotha. Have searched all over the web for these wads and have had no luck finding them. Even on federals site itself. Any thoughts on where I could get a hold of some? Bought my gun prob 4 months ago and all of the Venturi ammo is still ok back order with no delivery date in sight😐

Misc Mitz says:

Wait, did you say it's in 45? I need some for my 457. Would this work?

Cole Young says:

Curious as to why there is so much effort going to this to still end up with a 10-15 yard gun. There are other air shot guns out there in 28, 20, and 12 gauges that are comparable to traditional shotguns of that gauge. Wingshot II is a small game, close range, plinking gun.

Chris Gordon says:

Man thanks for making this video I'm just pissed off that I didn't know about tss when I was doing everything ur doing but with steel. Now the question is can I get tss before 4/4.. using dragonclaw btw

John Hawk says:

Nice but ill still use slugs

Don Wilson says:

You know any time your turkey hunting with an air gun or a shotgun you should always shoot for the neck or head you can body shoot a turkey with a 12 gauge shotgun and that turkey can run off and you'll never see it again so regardless of what you're using an air gun or shotgun you should always go for the head or neck

abbaby555 says:

Great information, thanks for sharing

Adam Cramer says:

Very interesting and good information. I’m hoping someday Pennsylvania allows it.


Wing shot air venturi very impressive game changer , great review and presentation 🎯

Armando Estrada says:

I ask airforce if they can make a airforce shotgun they said we will have a interview hope they make it it will be perfect for turkey

Airgun Outdoors says:

Very cool, good luck this spring!

Nunya says:

Thank godddd someone did a video on this. I’m in PA and unfortunately the only thing I could legally do with this gun is coyote hunt….(I’m literally typing this Jst getting home from another extremely frustrating day At the range). I realize it’s a smooth bore but holy hell I can barley get 12” groups with round ball or Venturi slugs. Terrible. Having also permanently lost 2 of my 6 air bolts tday I was not too impressed with the accuracy there either. I’ve watched all of your dragonclaw videos and I would reallllyyyyyyy appreciate it if ya did a video on the wingshot accuracy in the other ways they say it can be used. I’ve only had mine for 3 months right now and as far as I can tell it’s only ethically usable for small game and closer range bird hunting. One more thing. Would a rifled choke help and if so…..who the heck makes one for this gun? Thanks for this video though. Great info

Psycho 62 says:

Damn good video brother, I've thought and thought etc… over that airgun,, I'm here in Southeast Missouri and we can hunt deer with pcp and .40 cal and up…I'm thankful for that too, for sure…..Home State of the Quackenbush (I bet my bottom dollar I butchered that name).. also thought about a Texan also…decisions decisions 😆


#9’s ordered looking forward to seeing how they will perform out of my 20 ga PBBA air shotgun! Great vid Chris !

Hajimoto Productions says:

Very informative video man. Based on those patterns you will not have an issue getting you some sweet wild turkey.

AKairgunner says:

In shotguns, if you reload the ball bearings with fine sawdust it helps tighten up the spread, I wonder if it would work the same here…

UTUBE watcher says:

In California turkey is the largest game you can hunt with air gun.

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