BUCKET LIST HUNT Alaskan Brown Bear With A Bow! | Public Land Bow Hunt |

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Truly amazing bow hunt! Bowhunting brown bear in Alaska on the peninsula on public land. was a dream hunt of mine since i was a little kid. I cant believe in 2021 i finally got the chance to go on my bucket list hunt! it was the most challenging hardcore back country bow hunt ive ever done. Living out of tents in grizzly bear country was intense! I’m grateful it ll came together for me! I’m beyond grateful to have been successful. years of preparation and hard work payed off big. my bear measured just over 9 foot, i couldnt be more proud. there were 6 guys in camp all using rifles and i was 1 of 3 to get a bear. It was extremely hard hunting conditions especially with a bow. But we got it done and im tagged out on a public land alaskan brown bear with a bow!
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I HUNTED with Dave Leonard with Mountain monarchs
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trainrecked says:

Amazing hunt and video footage!! WOW!!


congrats that was one awesome looking hunt

Justin McLellen says:

Such an amazing video Josh. I loved every second of it. So thankful that you took us all along on the journey with you, we may not have experienced it first hand, but you do a great job to make everyone feel like they're right there with you. Congrats on an amazing bear!

Troy Gaines says:

Congratulations man! Awesome story.

Chad Goldstein says:

Congratulations! What an awesome experience. Glad you were able to fulfill your dream hunt of a lifetime. Thanx for sharing!

Mason Selph says:

This was awesome! This looks like it was some rough hunting. Good job guys!

Glenn Nielsen says:

Josh you are the MAN !
Bucket list since I was a kid also! Just turned 60yrs old .
Two great shots!
Kudos to the guide for letting you go, and not shooting!
Amazing footage! Was a cinematic movie, Hunt, way to make the move on him too.
Oh yeah and what a beautiful Bear!
And great job camera man for staying with them and keeping steady
Had to be so intense for All!

Felt like I was there!

Eric Mast says:

Insane hunt congrats man

Parker Kaiser says:

I dont know how to score brown bears but I can tell thats a big bear

Kolton Wallin says:

This video is everything an avid hunter could dream of! Thank you for sharing your trip as it is a true inspiration for many future hunters to go accomplish their hunting dreams!

David Kranz says:

Great hunt! I will sometimes use a small drone to track dangerous game it can really save your behind if you know what your getting into before hand. That could have been real bad.

Shawn Dompierre says:

Incredile, it was unfortunate it didn't die a bit quicker, but man these things are apex predators. Built to live and fight every day of its life.

Way go to Josh 🤟🏻

Travis VanNoy says:

Nice job. Real hunting right there

Colten Nienhuis says:

wow! coungrats man

Urban Growz says:

There is a unicorn across the street if you want to kill some more rare shit

True Hunt Quebec says:

Super hunt! All support from Quebec , Canada. Love the content

Ethan Alexander says:

By far the best bear hunting vid I’ve seen on YouTube. Congratulations on the bear it was well deserved 👍

Le_ Shifte says:

Congrats man!! You deserve it!!

TNS Outdoors says:

Bucket list hunt for sure

Taylor Eicher says:

Congrats man

TradLife Films says:

Hell of a hunt!

Richard says:

Very impressive! You’ll tell your great grandkids about that week.

Jeff Murray says:

What an amazing hunt I would love to do this one day!

Trevor Hurd says:

About time! Been waiting for this!

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