Russian Brown Bear Hunt

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Alain and team arrive in Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula in search of one of the massive brown bears that live there. This trip ends up being one of the wildest and most rugged adventures yet!


Владимир Чебыкин. Об охоте says:

Привет с Камчатки! Один выстрел молодец.

Chris Grabowski says:

I have thoroughly enjoyed your attitude/demeanor is this vlog. You have a terrific outlook and positive vibe throughout. I get the impression that everything – every hardship, every unexpected twist – is looked at as making the adventure even more spectacular and memorable. I don't know, but I bet you'd have been happy even if you came home without a bear. Thank you for sharing this. Peace

Dave Buffalo says:

On my 3rd J. Alain Smith hunting vid. Pretty entertaining. #Subscribed

pamtnman pamtnman says:

Alain, what are your cold weather layers? NEVER mind, I see the ad for Kryptek

Julz says:

leave the bears alone. Get a real hobby you cowards. Freaks.

Tay Bak says:

Great shots! Really enjoy the way you aggressively take those short windows of opportunity to seal the deal. Takes a lot of self assurance. That is a major reason why I enjoy your videos. Along with the instructive explanations. You are the Anthony Bourdain of travel hunting. Without the lefty liberal ideology. 😉

R.D Nutz says:

What if this was the way hunting those good ol gorgeous "dugga boys" year round 🤔 😉👍….@ 12:18 that's some good eatin dugga boy tenderloin steakettes….. or is it some good fucking dugga boy venison 😋🐃😁🤙😉👍

Freelance Photographer says:

They have 10' + in Alaska why go to Russia
This was more of an info video

The Voyageur says:

Somebody send them guys an Argo.

outlaw tanker128 says:

Why didnt yall just head the other way inside of flying for 30 hours lol

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