An Aggressive GHOST is After Me! – Ghost Hunters Corp Gameplay

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An Aggressive Ghost is after me in Ghost Hunters Corp gameplay; a new paranormal investigation simulator game! Can SpyCakes figure out what kind of Ghost is hunting him in Ghost Hunters Corp gameplay? This is Ghost Hunters Corp multiplayer gameplay with scary & funny moments!

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About Ghost Hunters Corp

Ghost Hunters Corp is a scary horror game playing alone or in a team of 4 ghost hunters. Their mission will be to identify paranormal entities and then exorcise them.

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SpyCakes says:

Would you like to see more of this game? There's a lot of different maps and ghosts

Tenz-Bg says:

Rip if the ghost comes in the bathroom and they did this for 500 tries

Gregory Animates says:

ligit phasmaphobia but a tad difrent not mad just e

Xhander Ezequiel Alis says:

you need camodo and brandon to join the game to multiplayer

VS Fire says:

Spy: does it slap that like button

Me: caught you in 4 k bro

Saurabh Kisoen says:

Not beff grenny

green white star line says:

Ob:the power of bang on the door*CHRIST COMPELs I COMMAND U to Go BACK TO GOD *bang on the door very loud*LISEN To THE BIBLE OF CHRIST *bang on the door opens the door the phosts goes in
Spy an ob: ahh hide spy hide ob

alwi ismail says:

When i see ob like the moo thing i was like (?) Yea and also can you do another video just one video im gonna like

Nyll Elliac Espia says:

i love ur vids spy


Do a part twwo

d9c2 says:

Love da vidio

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