Top 5 Deer Hunting Tips For Ground Setups!

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Our best tips for how to setup on the ground while hunting whitetails!
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Chattahoochee Outdoorsman says:

Zach has influenced me to start hunting off the ground. When him and Jake got that nice buck sitting in the little willows/grass back in 2017 inspired me. I've killed a few off the ground with a bow since then. Now I just have to start filming my hunts from the ground.

Robert Tanner says:

Excellent tips and with you guys audience, glad you did this.
No way with my 40 plus years of hunting could I influence the hunting culture for the future like you younger guys.
Watching THP reminds me of my 30’s etc.
I have adjusted to my age and ability but you guys sharing knowledge hopefully it’s inspiring to today’s youth.
Thanks guys and keep reaching out to the young guys and gals.

Ted f says:

On a side note you guys kill it on the footage. I have a GoPro hookup now and I cannot believe how you get it done under pressure situations. One time I hit my on button twice turning it on and off before the shot, the other time I couldn't move to turn it on because old laser eyes was watching, and the third time I missed some equally spectacular footage when I left the GoPro at home (Pretty much guaranteeing I would get something, kind of a good trade off). The last time I would have had all day to get it set up since the buck was working a scrape line and was taking his time getting back to me. I walked in on his scrape line in the morning and the scrapes were Red Hot! windy and not a leaf in them. I got him on the return circuit at about 9am. He saw my back pack but not me a lesson to everyone to hide yourself AND all your equipment.

Ted f says:

Last 3 Years bucks at 7 yds, 5 yds, and 5 yds from the ground on heavily hunted Illinois public land. Using ghillie suits and setting up watching wind, sun direction and back cover so I don't get backlit, very exciting. The one at 7 yds stood for 4-5 minutes, which is a lifetime in the deer woods, before taking the final step into my shooting lane. Bonus is that from the ground with the shooting angle you are using double lung shot is almost always assured. Downside is with my poundage those arrows are still flying and hard to recover after the shot. Best way I know to spend $20 though!

Shaun Sandefur says:

Great video! You guys should really consider hunting Western North Carolina this upcoming season. It’s definitely a challenge and those mountains ain’t no joke!

Larry Schlais says:

Nice public hunting shows enjoy everything you show us on tips to help us hunt better Thanks !!

Alex Erickson says:

Does Zach not live in Iowa anymore?

Weebeetim says:

Great, very basic, and to the point tips. Keep up the great content. Love the channel and watching you guys.

Jerry Scray says:

Thank you guys for the tips

Badaboochie says:

Can you show us video of make if a HORIZONTAL RUB from scratch 🇺🇸🦌🦌

Terry Kent Jarrard, Jr says:

Great video guys! I just started hunting 2 years ago, and so far, it's been about 99% from the ground.

Patrick Yackso says:

Hey zack thought you were going to come down and do some early season deer hunting in florida

Voice for the voiceless Truth says:

We set in the corn tie the stalks together to create v shaped lanes one for observation the other as a quarterly shot

Voice for the voiceless Truth says:

Zac best ground hunter I ever seen

Gray Gildner says:

I enjoy your videos above all others. You are good young folks who hunt with great skill, great humor, appropriate joy and huge respect for the hunt.

franky rodriguez says:

I would like to know how y’all pick spots at a new area after checking wind direction once you pull up to your land.

Brett Conway says:

Any tips for black bear hunting from the ground? I watch all y'alls stuff!

Austin Phillips says:

You guys are running out of content

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