Hyrax & Goose Hunt with PCP Airguns – A Busy Day in the Mountains!

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A hunting trip out to a new location proves to be very fruitful as we get to work with a pair of new PCPS to sort out a pest problem!

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DISCLAIMER: This video has been produced and uploaded with the intention of providing educational content that encourages safe and ethical practices.


Gary Postell says:

Awesome set up in that truck just outstanding!

Paulo Sergio Mantovani says:

péssimooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, péssimooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

JamesFred Kearney says:

The accent vs the clotheszz whts with the usa flag lmao

Геннадий Баранников says:

Опять ты убийцановые жертвы нашол.

Tim Heappey says:

Those guns are amazing fellas. Absolutely beautiful. I’m just wondering why you guys opt for air over .22lr? Cracking videos please keep making them. Thank you.

João Pires says:

you eat this animals?


Im from philippines.im ur no1 fans here.idol can u give me some of your scope.

陳志強 says:

Very cruel 😭 😭 😭

CCIXV says:

1:33 that shot was crazy

residentgood says:

The camera work is damn beautiful could have made documentary 😃

Aj Tao says:

21:45 I call this the JFK goose head-shot.

Gery Hunter says:

Love hanting

Raed Baker says:

How would you feel if someone shoots a bullet in the face of one of your family members or relatives ?! 👎👎👎

Robinson J. Santana says:

animal stuffing rifle

Ericka Austring says:

Where did you hunt down ?

blue lightning says:

do u eat what u kill

NSX82 says:

18:14 — What a beautiful drone shot!

Steve La Londe Jr says:

Do yourself a favor turn your air tanks valves to the truck/cab front so if in an accident or sudden stop and valves are broke off the bottle rocket/missile leaves you alone the destruction they can do in an auto is unbelievable when damaged!

Rainshadow 57 says:

“Looks like a stuffed animal” 10:48

It IS an animal (which naturally comes stuffed with cool things like nature juice and brain matter)
can’t say you’re wrong there

jamal Saymeh says:

what a benefit of killing something you do not want to eat , if it could be ate, those animals had a family to rase and take care, unless when you need to hunt for eat with hungery, killing for such train or for curios is a bad habit and will judge by god in judgement day

DecSpear:Adventure says:

New subscriber from Philippines nice shooting guys

M T Dream11 says:

Plz tell me the reason of killing the animals ??????????????????

john says:

What range are most of those groundhog looking animals shot at??

SY Too says:

I know you are doing pest control .Do you eat the animals and bird you shoot.

C. Cokernator says:

South African Snipers!!!

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