Motsomi Safaris Bow Hunting Sable Gayman

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Bow Hunting of Sable with Motsomi Safaris in South Africa, for more info please visit


Cruzeiro Carvalho says:

Bad man. Killer! Assassino.

Cruzeiro Carvalho says:

Mais um homem mau. Assassino. Monstro.

fredrick malunde says:

You guys have destroyed all the future plan of that animal,did you know that it had a family??

Cano penner says:

I am a hunter but I can't make out what this is. Baiting? Help us understand why you can't get them in their environment and not yours.

Jose Leonardo says:

Nunca come desse tipo de carne manda um pedacinho para mim
Eu iria adora

Luis Flores says:

Echó su última cargada antes de morir 🐐

paul frehley says:

killing animals is fun!

pracxis sr says:

Its just like calling ants with a pinch of sugar and u spray them with insecticide.

Eduardo Zapata says:

Que estupidez. … por Dios.

Keith Gerald says:

At the end where he makes sure he was dead u didn't have a arrow nocked or ready

chung wo kong says:

Pregnant ?

Phil Mason says:

I don’t find shooting an animal at a baited watering hole all that sporting…..

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