Mom & Daughter Brown Bear Hunt – Stuck N The Rut 145

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Tana and her daughter are on an adventure that they will never forget. DIY Brown Bear Hunt, all Alone in the Alaskan wilderness. This is Julia’s first big game animal. All bear hunting in the United States is closely regulated and monitored by Wildlife Officials. They allow a small percentage of bears to be harvested in this area each year for the purpose of predator management. Thank you for watching, and don’t forget to subscribe!!! #bearhunt #alaska #offgrid


Scott Alex says:

Awesome shot! What caliber did you use?

Robert Näslund says:

Awsome!! Congrats to Julia. Nice work!!

Mark Gray says:

Congrats little one,,,i Love hunting the peninsula,,,,BEAR CITY, i was on a solo hunt in 2007, my first time in was 1991, i prefer to hunt the fall, anyway in 2007 i was down the beach a mile or so,, Wind Blowing like crazy, Raining hard and i was waiting for this bear to come out of a ditch to give me the shot, but it was getting dark quick,, finally he came out, but all he gave me was the butt shot,,, say what you want, a close range butt shot is LETHAL,, i dropped him in his tracks, i went up to check him out, he was laying like he was sleeping, it was now dark, so i took off for camp, i will skin him in the morning,,, Got up and took off down the beach,, right away i see 2 Wolf Tracks and a Big Bear track, all 3 going down the beach toward my Bear, the Bear turned and went up a river, the wolves stayed on course toward my Bear, I got a Bad Feeling,, sure enough i see Ravens darting down ahead,, OH NO,, i started running toward my Bear, i start seeing FUR, OH NO,,,,,,Yep they got him,, they couldnt roll him over to get to the belly, so they chewed a hole about 2 feet wide right in the middle of his back,,,,I BE PISSED NOW,, i looked around for them and spotted them,, way up on the mountain side,, I dont care how far they are, i'm throwing some lead at there butts, I fired off a 338 round, the big white one did a back flip,, yee haww, I nailed his butt,, i think my bullett landed right in front of his nose and he back flipped, NO blood, No white wolf and you could see good up there,,,,,i ended up doing a half mount,, lots of wolves down there,, they went right for the heart and Liver, that was all they ate,,, i had a choice this year, Peninsula or Brooks Range,???, HARD CHOICE,,, but i choose the Brooks,,,, you cant lose either way,,,,GOOD LUCK all Bear Hunters this year,, 2021,, go get em

Peter G. says:

This was awesome! Well done! 👏

Alaska Wooden Spoon Guy says:

Perfect hunt, great job.

Patrick Grandy says:

Love to see the kids hunt GREAT JOB

Randy Edmond says:

Congratulations you lady

Joe McKiernan says:


Andrew Schomburg says:

Yesterday I asked my oldest (she's 3) if she wanted to go hunting with me next year. She said, "Um, sure." I asked her what she wanted to hunt, and she said, "Brown bear!" very emphatically. I think we might have to wait a few years before we go brown bear hunting, but I'm excited that she's ready to go!

Thanks for a showing a great hunt with your girl, Tana. Was this hunt after your bear hunt with Travis? That was a wild trip.

Todd Burns says:

Awesome hunt! And even better that a kid was part of it!

Jake F says:

What a cool moment! Nice shot young lady. Way to teach her well mom!👍

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