A Time To Kill, 20 Big Bucks

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Bowhunting big deer with Sydnie and I. Here’s a fantastic whitetail movie from start to finish. Big Bucks in close. Some get the shaft some get away. Fast action one after the other. This is a great primer for this years deer season. Enjoy. How to, and insane face to face encounters.


Carson Pete says:

I also can’t see with my glasses when big Louie shows

Ron Daughdrill says:

Ho lee cow Tim yer narrating and video footage is off the charts man….tht dang Sidney is a HOT mess! And the apple didnt fall far from the tree buddy…
Man what a awsum bunch of Slocksters! Keep um comin Tim n fam!

Erick Chaves Orozco says:

Thats what I am talking about Tim, We needed 50 minutes of adrenaline un Yotube

darran adam says:

as usual another awesome video.

Rickytrainer Matullessya says:

Just don't kill for waste 🥴

Realgrower says:

Cool vid tim


woo she's bomb, Syd I mean!

Mike Caldwell says:

Bo don't know Big Luey.

Old Man Fred says:

Loved the Sass Lippin’ comment!

William Pounds says:

Great show as usual.

Josh Koch (Intimidator82) says:

Yes guy!! This is what I have been waiting for. The grass can wait for an hour while I watch this

Lonny Snodgrass says:

Tim said he sit a tree 7 hrs waiting for a wild feral hog

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